Playing with Gorillas Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Playing with Gorillas The Emperor’s New Clothes Questions & Answers.

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Playing with Gorillas Questions & Answers

  • Mayhem – destruction and confusion
  • Aggressive – ready to attack
  • Astonished – surprised
  • Roused – angry
  • Intrigued – very interested because it seemed mysterious
  • Primate – a group of animals that include humans and monkeys
  • Stage whisper – whisper that is meant to be overheard
  • More than he’d bargained for – something more and worse than he had expected
  • Rose to the occasion – dealt successfully with a difficult situation
  • Worked like a charm – worked exactly as hoped

Question 1: What was the cause of gorillas getting a bad name?

Answer: Many years ago, there was a film called King Kong that described a huge gorilla running free in New York, crushing houses and causing mayhem. This story became a major cause of gorillas getting a bad name.

Question 2: What sort of animals are gorillas?

Answer: Gorillas are very shy and gentle creatures. They keep to themselves and normally only get roused in the presence of animals from which they wish to protect their family.

Question 3: What sort of relationship did the head keeper of the zoo and Guy share?

Answer: The head keeper had a very friendly relationship with Guy. He used to go into the cage and outer den to play with Guy.

Playing with Gorillas Questions & Answers

Question 4: According to head keeper, what was the trick to stop Guy from playing with him?

Answer: To stop Guy from playing with him, the head keeper’s trick was to produce a little piece of hosepipe in front of Guy. This is because hosepipe looks like a snake and gorillas don’t like snakes.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

“He murmured in a loud stage whisper to me, “Get the hosepipe; get the hosepipe.”

(a) Who does ‘he’ refer to? Who is he speaking to?

Answer: He refers to the head keeper of the zoo. He is speaking to the author.

(b) Why did ‘he’ speak in a whisper?

Answer: He spoke in a whisper because a loud voice would have further excited the gorilla.

(c) How did the speaker help him?

Answer: The speaker rushed back to the mess and collected the hosepipe. He pointed it to the gorilla and it worked like a charm. The gorilla immediately dropped the head keeper and rushed back to the inside den. That is how, the speaker helped the head keeper.

Question 6: How did the keeper get ‘more than he’d bargained for’?

Answer: The Keeper had meant to play with Guy, the gorilla for a little while and then, he had to make his escape using the hosepipe. He had forgotten to bring the hosepipe into the cage, so when Guy’s play started to get a little rough, the head keeper couldn’t stop it.

Playing with Gorillas Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

“As you can see, sir, I have a perfect understanding with Guy!”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Head keeper is the speaker.

(b) What understanding is he referring to?

Answer: He is referring to the understanding between the master and his pet.

(c) How do you think the speaker was feeling when he said these lines? Why?

Answer: Although the head keeper was very shaken and looking pink yet he composed himself and spoke to the author. He must have felt embarrassed.

Question 8: Why did the head keeper’s pride not let him stop?

Answer: The head keeper’s pride did not let him stop because he was very much confident that he could control the gorilla whenever he wanted.

Question 9: Do you think Guy means to hurt the head keeper?

Answer: No, Guy was just enjoying the company of the head keeper and was playing with him.

Question 10: Do you think King Kong is based on a real-life story? How do you know?

Answer: No, King Kong is just a ridiculous imaginary movie which made a bad name and aggressive image of gorillas.

So, these were Playing with Gorillas Questions & Answers.

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