To The Memory of A Lion Questions & Answers

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To The Memory of A Lion Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Arms – weapons
  • Drill – skills that soldiers learn so that they can fight effectively in battle
  • Slithered – slipped on a loose surface
  • Visible – able to seen easily
  • Superstition – belief that is not based on reason but on old ideas about magic
  • Iguana – a large greyish-green lizard usually found in the United States and Mexico
  • Ensued – happened after something else, usually as a result of it
  • Ramparts – tall, solid walls built round a town or castle to protect it

Question 1: What was Tanaji doing when the message came from the king?

Answer: Tanaji was at home in Maratha preparing for his son’s wedding.

Question 2: What was the issue that the king wanted to discuss with Tanaji?

Answer: The King wanted to discuss taking back Kondana Fort from the Mughals because Ma Sahib felt that the other forts are not safe until the Kondana Fort was recaptured.

Question 3: What was Tanaji’s plan?

Answer: Tanaji’s plan was to enter the fort from the west side.

Question 4: Why did Tanaji call Suryaji and some of his friends?

Answer: He called Suryaji and some of his friends to tell them about the plan of entering the Kondana fort so that they could drill the soldiers and perfect them in the use of arms.

To The Memory of A Lion Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why did Tanaji ask Suryaji not to tell the soldiers about the plan?

Answer: Tanaji wanted to keep the plan of attack a complete secret. He wanted to take the enemy by surprise so, he felt that fewer people should know about it.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Who said that? There is no place for superstition in soldier’s life.

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: Tanaji said to the soldier who had spoken this.

(b) What does this tell you about the speaker?

Answer: It tells us that Tanaji was a practical person who didn’t believe in superstitions. He also believed that hard work and good training would help a soldier to survive.

(c) How do you think the soldiers felt when the speaker said this?

Answer: I think the soldier who had spoken would have felt ashamed. The other soldiers might have felt inspired and more helpful.

Question 7: Why was Uday Singh Ji so angry with Tanaji?

Answer: He was angry because Tanaji’s men had killed his son.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Tanaji you have a lot to answer for you can’t escape me.”

(a) What was Udai Singh talking about?

Answer: Udai Singh was talking about the fact that Tanaji’s army had killed his sons in the battle.

(b) How do you think Udai Singh felt at this moment?

Answer: Udai Singh would have felt angry because the Marathas had killed all his sons.

(c) What did the two warriors do next?

Answer: They began to fight.

To The Memory of A Lion Questions & Answers

Question 9: Who took the news to the king after the battle? How did the King react?

Answer: Tanaji’s friend Suryaji, took the news to the king after the battle. The king was grief-stricken when he heard the news of Tanaji’s death.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Speak Suryaji – but my lion is gone.

(a) Do you think Shivaji had already guessed, what had happened when he asked Suryaji to speak?

Answer: Yes, he had probably guessed because Suryaji was not answering him. So, he guessed that Suryaji had some bad news.

(b) Was Suryaji aware of the friendship between the King and Tanaji?

Answer: Yes, it seems that Suryaji knew about the friendship between the King and Tanaji.

(c) What does the king’s reaction tell you about his friendship with Tanaji?

Answer: It tells us that Shivaji and Tanaji had a deep and abiding friendship. It also shows us what great respect the king had for his friend.

Question 11: Who was Yashwanti? What was her role in the plan?

Answer: Yashwanti was an iguana. Her role was to help Tanaji and his men get into the Kondana fort stealthily.

Question 12: What was the plan once Tanaji had climbed the ramparts?

Answer: Tanaji would climb up and then lower more ropes to the ground. Then, the soldiers would climb up these ropes and enter the fort and attacked the Mughal soldiers.

Question 13: Did Tanaji survive the battle? What happened?

Answer: Tanaji did not survive the battle. He got locked in a life and death struggle with Udai Singh. It was a terrible battle and both died at last.

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