Please Leave a Message Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Please Leave a Message Questions & Answers.

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Please Leave a Message Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where were Dudi’s parents?

Answer: Dudi’s parents had gone out.

Question 2: What was Dudi worried about?

Answer: Dudi was worried about writing the message.

Question 3: What was Dudi’s idea?

Answer: Dudi’s idea was to draw the message and remember.

Question 4: Why did Dudi draw a woman with seven teeth?

Answer: Dudi drew a woman with seven teeth because the message was from a woman and an appointment with the dentist at seven in the morning.

Question 5: What message did the man give Dudi?

Answer: The man told that Mr Thomas Wolf will visit his father at night.

Question 6: Why did Dudi feel very proud?

Answer: Dudi felt very proud because he gave both the messages without any mistake.

Question 7: Write True or Not True for the following sentences:

1. Dudi was a young boy – True
2. Dudi knew how to write – Not True
3. Dudi could draw pictures – True
4. Dudi’s parents understood the pictures – Not True
5. Dudi delivered the messages without a mistake – True
6. Dudi’s parents were surprised – True

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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