Porus and Alexander Questions & Answers

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Porus and Alexander Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Alexander was the king of Greece – True
2. Porus was a foolish king – False
3. In 326 BC, Alexander crossed the Hindukush Mountains – True
4. Ambi fought back bravely – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Alexander ruled in

(a) Paris
(b) Greece
(c) Ireland

2. Alexander started conquering countries at the age of

(a) 25 years
(b) 26 years
(c) 27 years

3. Alexander crossed the Hinudkush Mountains in

(a) 326 BC
(b) 350 BC
(c) 362 BC

4. Number of kings in Punjab were

(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) Four

Question 3: Where did Alexander rule?

Answer: Alexander ruled in Macedonia (now called Greece).

Question 4: In which year did Alexander cross the Hindukush Mountains?

Answer: Alexander crossed the Hindukush Mountains in 326 BC.

Question 5: Who surrendered before Alexander in Punjab?

Answer: Ambi, the king of Taxila, surrendered before Alexander in Punjab.

Question 6: How old was Alexander when he started conquering countries?

Answer: Alexander was twenty-six years old when he started conquering countries.

Question 7: What kind of king was Porus?

Answer: Porus was a brave king. He didn’t surrender before Alexander and rather fought bravely against him.

Question 8: How many kings ruled in Punjab in 326 BC? Name them.

Answer: Two kings ruled in Punjab in 326 BC. They were – Ambi, the king of Taxila and Porus.

Question 9: What message did Alexander send to Porus?

Answer: Alexander sent a message to Porus to come to Taxila and surrender to him.

Question 10: What was the reply of Porus?

Answer: Porus was a brave king. He replied to Alexander that he would certainly meet him but not at Taxilla. He would meet him in the battle field.

Question 11: Who was taken as prisoner?

Answer: Porus was a brave king. He fought bravely against Alexander but by the evening, he was wounded. He bled profusely and was taken prisoner by the enemy.

Question 12: Who was Alexander? What dream he had since he was young?

Answer: Alexander was a young king of Greece. When he was young, he dreamt of conquering the whole world.

Question 13: What did Alexander ask Porus with pride?

Answer: With pride, Alexander asked Porus that how should he treat him.

Question 14: What did Porus reply?

Answer: Porus replied fearlessly, “As a king should treat a king.”

Question 15: Why did Alexander order to release Porus?

Answer: Alexander liked and admired the brave and fearless answer of Porus uttered with self-respect. He ordered him to be released immediately and his kingdom was given back to him.

So, these were Porus and Alexander Questions & Answers.

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