The Forest God Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Forest God Questions & Answers.

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The Forest God Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Once there lived two brothers in a village – True
2. The elder brother was lazy at work – False
3. The younger brother’s name was Gopichand – True
4. Yogichand saw a lion sitting on a platform – False
5. The Forest God was happy with Gopichand – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. There lived two brothers in a

(a) village
(b) town
(c) city

2. Name of elder brother was

(a) Gopichand
(b) Yogichand
(c) Maheshchand

3. Elder brother was a

(a) hardworker
(b) lazy worker
(c) painter

4. The younger brother was

(a) simple
(b) polite
(c) cunning

5. One day, Yogichand saw a life size statue of a

(a) lion
(b) tiger
(c) cheetah

Question 3: What was the difference between the attitude of Yogichand and Gopichand?

Answer: Yogichand was a hardworker while Gopichand was lazy but cunning. He would cheat people by his tricks.

Question 4: Who was elder: Gopichand or Yogichand?

Answer: Yogichand was elder.

Question 5: What did Gopichand do to earn his livelihood?

Answer: To earn his livelihood, Gopichand would cheat people by his tricks.

Question 6: What did Yogichand do to earn his livelihood?

Answer: Yogichand would cut wood in the forest and sold it in the town to earn his livelihood.

Question 7: What did Yogichand see in the forest?

Answer: Yogichand saw a life size statue of a lion which he thought was that of the Forest God.

Question 8: When did Yogichand come to know about the Forest God? What did he do then?

Answer: Yogichand thought that the statue was of the Forest God. Next day, when he went to the forest, he also brought a couple of scented sticks to light in front of the statue as a mark of respect.

Question 9: What did the Forest God ask Yogichand to do?

Answer: Delighted with Yogichand, the Forest God asked him to bring a pot with himself the next day when he would come to the forest.

Question 10: What did the lion ask Gopichand to make sure?

Answer: The lion asked Gopichand to make sure that no gold coin falls down.

Question 11: What happened when lion asked Gopichand about sticking of a gold coin?

Answer: The lion said that a gold coin had stuck in its mouth and asked Gopichand to take it out. As Gopichand put his hand into its mouth, the mouth got shut. His hand got trapped into the mouth of the lion.

Question 12: How was Gopichand’s hand released?

Answer: One day, Gopichand’s wife reached empty-handed in the forest. She was having nothing to feed him. Gopichand looked at her helplessly. Hearing this, the lion started laughing and said that Gopichand had been punished for his greed. That is how, the lion opened his mouth after teaching him a lesson and Gopichand’s hand got released.

So, these were The Forest God Questions & Answers.

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