Soldiers Questions & Answers

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Soldiers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Rohan was travelling by bus to Agra – False
2. Rohan was travelling with his friends – False
3. There were eight seats in the cabin – True
4. Rohan wished the soldiers good morning – False
5. Rohan was an intelligent boy – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Rohan was travelling by

(a) bus
(b) train
(c) car

2. Rohan was going to

(a) Jaipur
(b) Shimla
(c) Agra

3. Rohan wished the soldiers

(a) good morning
(b) good evening
(c) good afternoon

4. How many seats were in the cabin?

(a) eight
(b) seven
(c) six

5. One of the soldier’s name was Nath, other’s was

(a) Saleem
(b) Kareem
(c) Karan

Question 3: Where was Rohan going?

Answer: Rohan was going to Jaipur.

Question 4: By which mode of transport was Rohan travelling?

Answer: Rohan was travelling by train.

Question 5: In which compartment was Rohan travelling?

Answer: Rohan was travelling in three-tire compartment.

Question 6: How many seats were there in the cabin?

Answer: There were eight seats in the cabin. Two were occupied by Rohan’s parents, four by another family and two by young soldiers.

Question 7: How did Rohan wish the soldiers?

Answer: Rohan wished, ‘Good evening, uncles. My name is Rohan’.

Question 8: What were the names of two soldiers?

Answer: The names of two soldiers were Nath and Kareem.

Question 9: Where were the soldiers coming from?

Answer: The soldiers were coming from Kargil.

Question 10: Where were the soldiers ordered to go?

Answer: The soldiers were ordered to go to Kargil to recapture the land occupied by the enemy.

Question 11: What was the task given to the soldiers?

Answer: The soldiers’ task was to climb up the hill and kill the enemy.

Question 12: How did the soldiers manage to give considerable damage to the enemy?

Answer: The soldiers first ascertained the position of enemy. They spoke on wireless set to the artillery to destroy the enemy bunker. Artillery started firing at the enemy position. When they saw that considerable damage had been caused to the bunker, they asked artillery to stop.

Question 13: What does Point 5346 mean?

Answer: Point 5346 signifies the height of the hill. It means that the height of the hill is 5346 meters from the sea level.

Question 14: How did the soldiers manage to capture the enemy?

Answer: When soldiers were climbing up the hill, the enemy opened fire on them. First, they took shelter behind rocks and then slowly moved uphill. On reaching there, they saw only three enemy soldiers firing. They killed two and overpowered the third.

Question 15: What did Rohan’s father say?

Answer: Rohan’s father said, “We have to keep our motherland free from enemies at all costs and in all circumstances.”

So, these were Soldiers Questions & Answers.

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