Rain Rain Go Away Questions & Answers

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Rain Rain Go Away Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“It is a statement. We are going out with the Sakkaros to Murphy’s Park.”

(a) Who is the speaker here? Who else is there?

Answer: Lillian Wright is the speaker. Her husband George is with her.

(b) Who are the Sakkaros?

Answer: Sakkaros are their new mysterious neighbours.

(c) The speaker has arranged a picnic to Murphy’s Park. How did she arrange it?

Answer: Lillian went to Mrs Sakkaro’s house to make acquaintance and suggested the trip so that their boys could have fun. Mrs Sakkaro couldn’t refuse her proposal.

Question 2: What did Lillian Wright notice about Mrs Sakkaro when she had gone to their residence?

Answer: Lillian Wright observed that Mrs. Sakkaro was very particular about cleanliness and hygiene which was evident from the way she poured a glass of water for Lillian without allowing a single drop to fall into the sink and gave the glass to her wrapped with a clean napkin.

Question 3: What are the various things that the Sakkaros consulted for going on the picnic? What devices did they carry with them?

Answer: The Sakkaros consulted the weather bureau, read the weather report from the newspapers and listened to the radio report on that day’s weather. They carried with them a pocket radio and an aneroid barometer.

Question 4: What other peculiarities are mentioned in the story about the Sakkaros? Give two examples of it.

Answer: The Sakkaros always checked the weather. Mrs Sakkaro came out of her house many times to check whether it was going to rain. The family subscribed all the newspaper just to know the weather report correctly.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

It was a cheerful day at Murphy’s Park, with a cheerfully bright sun in a blue, blue sky.

(a) Who went to the Murphy’s Park? How did they go there?

Answer: The Wrights and the Sakkaros went to the Murphy’s Park. They went there in George Wright’s car.

(b) Who arranged the trip to Murphy’s Park? How did she do it?

Answer: Lillian Wright arranged the trip to Murphy’s Park. She went to Mrs Sakkaros and suggested that their boys would have fun if they went on a trip to Murphy’s Park.

(c) Where did Lillian take the boys once they were in the park? Why?

Answer: Lillian took the boys to the amusement section of the park so that the boys could enjoy the thrill of every ride the park had to offer.

Question 6: What did the Sakkaros have at the refreshment area? Which things offered by the Wrights did they refuse to eat?

Answer: The Sakkaros had too many cotton candies. They refused to take hot dog and orange drink offered by the Wrights.

Question 7: Why were the Sakkaros so much worried about the weather? Answer in view of the twist in the story at the end.

Answer: The Sakkaros were very worried about the weather because they were made of sugar and if it rained, they would melt.

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