Diary of a Nobody Questions & Answers

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Diary of a Nobody Questions & Answers

Question 1: Pooter has rented a house. What is it like and what issues are caused by its location?

Answer: Charles Pooter, the narrator and his wife rented a nice six roomed house with a front breakfast parlour. It had a small front garden and there was a flight of ten steps up to the front door, however, had a little side entrance as well. They had a nice little back garden that ran down to the railway track. The only issue they had was the noise of the passing trains.

Question 2: What is Pooter’s wife’s name and how does he refer to her?

Answer: The name of Pooter’s wife is Caroline and he addresses her as Carrie.

Question 3: What do Pooter and his wife do in the evenings?

Answer: According to Pooter there is always something to be done to pass their evenings together even without friends. A venetian blind to be straighten up, a fan to be nailed up or a part of carpet to be nailed down – all these activities would be handled by Pooter, whereas his wife Carrie would put a button on a shirt, mend a pillow case or practice on their new cottage piano.

Question 4: What is their son’s name and occupation?

Answer: They have a son named Willie who works in the Bank of Oldham.

Question 5: Who does Pooter blame for the double order of mutton?

Answer: Pooter blamed his wife for the double order of mutton.

Question 6: Who is Gowing and why does Pooter get irritated by him?

Answer: Mr Gowing is Pooter’s old friend who usually drops by at his house in the evenings. It happened that every time Gowing would visit Pooter’s house, he would complain about the smell of the paint, which irritated Pooter.

Question 7: What jokes does Pooter tell?

Answer: Once, Gowing fell over the scraper as went out from the house, Pooter joked saying that I must get the scraper removed, or else I shall get into the scrape.

Secondly, during one of the evenings Gowing and Pooter were together in the breakfast parlour and Gowing began with his usual sniffing and commented, “I distinctly smell a dry rot.” Poker jokingly replied on this comment saying, “You’re talking a lot of dry rot yourself.”

Question 8: Write lists under the following headings: Pooter’s friends, Pooter’s colleagues, Tradespeople.


Pooter’s friends: Mr Gowing and Mr Cummings
Pooter’s colleagues: Mr Perkupp (the principal), Pitt, Mr Buckling
Tradespeople: Farmerson (the ironmonger), Horwin (a butcher), blackguard butcher, Mr Putley (a painter and decorator), grocer’s boy

Question 9: Answer the following with reference to context.

Mr Gowing must have took it by mistake last night, as there was a stick in the ‘all that didn’t belong to nobody.

(a) Whose speech is Pooter reporting?

Answer: This is spoken by Pooter’s servant Sarah.

(b) What has gone missing?

Answer: Pooter’s umbrella had gone missing.

(c) Write the sentence out correctly by replacing the words in bold.

Answer: The correct sentence would be – Mr Gowing must have taken it by mistake last night, as there was a stick in the ‘all that didn’t belong to anybody.

Question 10: Answer the following with reference to context.

I consented, but felt I had been talked into it.

(a) Who does Pooter consent to?

Answer: Pooter gave his consent to Mr Putley who was the painter and decorator.

(b) What does he consent to?

Answer: He gave his consent to Mr Putley to entirely repaint the stairs as he was not able to find the colour match of the paint done earlier.

(c) What does ‘talked into it’ mean?

Answer: ‘Talked into it’ means persuading or convincing someone with a good reason to do something.

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