Gorillas in The Mist Questions & Answers

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Gorillas in The Mist Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Dian Fossey went to Africa in 1966 and made contact with mountain gorillas in the Virungas, an African rainforest. When Fossey and her racker Sanwekwe were charged by the gorillas, she tried to struggle to save herself.
(b) The name of the silverback killed by the poachers was Digit. The silver is a young gorilla.
(c) Effie was an old female gorilla. When she saw Fossey, she was astonished.
(d) Jozi, Cantsbee, Pablo and Maggie were the baby gorillas Fossey met when she returned to the mountain.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) A fireplace will be built next week.
(b) My men captured him there along with a blood stained bow and five arrows.
(c) Digit was a young silverback.
(d) To reach them meant a long climb lasting two hours.
(e) Effie glanced my way while chewing on a stalk of celery.

Question 3: Describe the encounter between Fossey and angry gorillas.

Answer: When Fossey was about one hundred and fifty feet directly downhill from a group when a silverback and a female decided to eradicate her. Fossey was determined to stand fast but when they broke through the foliage at a dead run directly above her, she felt her legs retreating. She paused long enough to try to dissuade them with her voice, which only seemed to aggravate them more. When their long, yellow canines and wild eyes were no less than two feet away, she took a very ungainly nosedive into the thick foliage alongside the trail.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

“We brought him back to the camp and tied him up while we went with poor Digit’s autopsy.”  

(a) Who brought whom back to the camp? What had the captured person done?

Answer: Fossey and her men brought back the poacher to the camp. The captured person had killed Digit along with some other poachers.

(b) Who was Digit? Why were they conducting an autopsy on him?

Answer: Digit was a silverback gorilla who was Fossey’s favourite. Fossey and her men conducted an autopsy on Digit as the silverback gorilla was heinously murdered by some poachers. To investigate the cause of his death the autopsy was done.

(c) Why was the autopsy a gruesome business?

Answer: The autopsy was a gruesome business as Digit’s body was pierced by spears at many places. His lungs, heart, spleen, intestine and stomach were badly injured by the weapons.

Question 5: Why was Digit killed? Who told them about it?

Answer: Digit was killed for his head and hands because a Hutu merchant had offered to pay the equivalent of twenty dollars for the head and hands of a silverback gorilla.  The baby-faced Twa who was captured by Fossey’s men informed about this.

Question 6: Why did not Fossey hand over the prisoner to the park guards? What did she do instead?

Answer: Fossey did not hand over the prisoner to the park guards because the guards had a way of losing their prisoners. She handed the prisoner to the Chef des brigades, Paulin Nkubili instead. 

So, these were Gorillas in The Mist Questions & Answers.

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