Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise | Introduces a Battle Pass System

Hello Everyone!! Today, I am going to share an update regarding Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise. Ubisoft has released the look of its new operators from Peru and Mexico’s FES unit. One of them is an attacker and other is a defender.

The Peruvian operator’s name is Amaru which is the attacker. Her special gadget is the Garra Hook which quickly zips on to a window, open hatch or a ledge. The defender from Mexico is Goyo, who is a two armor defender. His special equipment is a Volcan Shield. This a deployable shield with a gas canister attached. It can be shot to explode and create a fiery area.

The new operation in Season 3 of the game is called Ember Rise. The word “Ember” denotes Goyo’s Volcan Shield whereas “rise” denotes Amaru’s Garra Hook.

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In terms of new maps, the developer revoked the Kanal Map which has two different buildings. In this, the stairs have been color-coded.

The developers announced the release of new Battle Pass. This battle pass will only have seven levels. This will be a full-fledged battle pass. It will be available for free in Season 3 and paid in Season 4. This battle pass will also have a free tier and a premium tier.

So, this was an update regarding Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise. If you found this post informative and interesting then, please share this post with your friends or colleagues.

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