Red Eye Questions & Answers

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Red Eye Questions & Answers

Question 1: The story gives us some interesting information about garter snakes. Draw up a fact file using the format given below. Facts about garter snakes.


1. Appearance: It is not too long, has three pale stripes, red eyes.
2. Habitat: It lives in farms and forests, mostly grassy places.
3. Feeding habits: It can open its mouth very wide and swallow a whole piece of raw fish.
4. Characteristics: It sheds its skin.
5. Behaviour: It sticks out its tongue to smell things.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘On second thoughts, ‘I said, ‘she might learn a lot from Red Eye’.

(a) Who said these words in the story?

Answer: Cindy said these words in the story.

(b) Whom did she refer to?

Answer: She was referring to her sister, Emily.

(c) Why did the speaker have second thoughts?

Answer: The speaker had second thoughts because she thought Emily would learn a lesson from Red Eye. Cindy was mischievous and knew that Emily did not like snakes.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Well, if that snake means so much to you, I guess I’ll help you’, she said.

(a) What was the snake called? What did it look like?

Answer: The snake was called Red Eye. It had three pale stripes and orange dots on its body and a blue slashes on its head. It had red eyes.

(b) Who said these lines? What help did she offer?

Answer: Emily spoke these lines to Cindy. She offered to help look for Cindy’s lost snake, Red Eye.

(c) Briefly describe how the speaker succeeded in helping the listener.

Answer: The speaker, Emily, succeeded in helping the listener, Cindy, by finding her pet snake.

Question 4: Where did Cindy find Red Eye?

Answer: Cindy found Red Eye in her uncle’s farm.

Question 5: Cindy brought Red Eye home saying that Emily ‘might learn a lot from Red Eye’. When she said these lines, what did Cindy really want to do?

Answer: Cindy really liked the snake and she wanted to keep it as a pet. When she said these lines, she also wanted to get even with her sister who had refused to lend her money or her hairbrush.

Question 6: How did Cindy feel when Emily offered to look for Red Eye?

Answer: Cindy felt sad to think that Emily was not a bad person and that she had never known it.

Question 7: Emily decided to look for Red Eye once she realized that the snake meant a lot to her sister. What does this tell us about her?

Answer: This tells us that Emily was actually a very nice person because although she didn’t like snakes, she cared for her sister and started looking for it.

Question 8: What did Cindy and Emily learn from Red Eye’s disappearance and the search for it?

Answer: Both Cindy and Emily learnt that they actually care about each other. They both made sacrifices for each other. Cindy gave up her pet snake and Emily overcame her fear of snakes and found Red Eye.

So, these were Red Eye Questions & Answers.

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