Rice-Bowl Wishes Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Rice-Bowl Wishes Questions & Answers.

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Rice-Bowl Wishes Questions & Answers

Question 1: How was Gow Sir treated differently at home?

Answer: Gow Sir, who was blind, was given old clothes and kept at home to look after the old lady’s needs.

Question 2: Do you think Lady Nii Yoo rewarded Gow Sir well for his courage and dedication? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, I think Lady Nii Yoo rewarded Gow Sir well. Gow Sir had saved her life despite being blind and the rice-bowl would grant him three wishes to have a comfortable life.

Question 3: Why did Lan Dua an Swa Jow wish for plenty of food and high grades at school and not for anything else?

Answer: Lan Dua and Swa Jow were greedy and lazy. They did not want to work hard to achieve anything. They were used to being given fine things at the orphanage without doing any work to deserve them.

Question 4: How were Gow Sir’s wishes different from those of his brothers?

Answer: Gow Sir’s wishes were not selfish or greedy. He wished for books that gave him knowledge that could not be taken away from him.

Question 5: If you had been in Gow Sir’s place, what would you have wished for?

Answer: If I had been in Gow Sir’s place, I would have wished for a huge place where I could keep all the stray animals safely. There would be enough food for them and toys to play with.

Question 6: What had Gow Sir gained by choosing wisely?

Answer: The books gave him knowledge with which he got a job as a teacher. He became known all over China as the most caring teacher. He also did not lose his wife because she had not been granted by the bowl.

Question 7: Why do you think Gow Sir kept the rice bowl with glued pieces on his desk?

Answer: I think Gow Sir kept the rice bowl with glued pieces to remind him of the importance of hard work. Every time he would look at it, he would remember that things that are gained by hard work remain for a longer time.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. I have finally a worthy recipient for the rice bowl.”

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Lady Nii Yoo says this to Gow Sir.

(b) Why is this decision taken?

Answer: Gow Sir, despite being blind, risked his own life to save her from the fire.

(c) What happens to the speaker shortly afterwards?

Answer: She dies shortly afterwards.

2. Lan Dua and Swa Jow, on the other hand, did not accept such an explanation.”

(a) What is the explanation they do not accept?

Answer: That the fumes and heat from the fire had made Gow Sir see again.

(b) What brings about the explanation in the first place?

Answer: Gow Sir wished to have his sight which the rice bowl granted, and he could see.

(c) What do Lan Dua and Swa Jow do after this and what do they get?

Answer: They go to Gow Sir to find out the truth and asks for things for themselves. Lan Dua asks for a house and plenty of food; Swa Jow asks to be able to get good results without studying hard.

So, these were Rice-Bowl Wishes Questions & Answers.

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