The Flying Trunk Questions & Answers

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The Flying Trunk Questions & Answers

Question 1: In what ways was the merchant’s son different from his father?

Answer: The merchant’s son was less responsible and more wasteful than his father. He was not interested in trade and spent all his father’s fortune spending his father’s wealth.

Question 2: Had you found the flying truck, how would you have used it?

Answer: If I had found the flying trunk, I would have flown on it to all the countries of the world. I will also fly to other planets and meet alien creatures and learn different things about them.

Question 3: What was the discussion in the kitchen about?

Answer: The discussion in the kitchen was about breed and ancestry. The different objects were talking about where they came from and the work that they did in different households. They were singing and telling stories to spend the time.

Question 4: What would you say about the character and temperament of the merchant’s son after he decided to light up fire crackers on the evening before the wedding?

Answer: The merchant’s son liked to show off and wanted a grand spectacle to celebrate his wedding. He had not learnt to be careful with his wealth and power. He lit up the fire crackers to impress the people of the town.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. I felt as I were really in the kitchen and could see the matches!

(a) Who spoke these words and to whom?

Answer: The queen spoke these words to the prince.

(b) What are these words referring to?

Answer: The words are referring to the story about the matches that the merchant’s son was narrating.

(c) What happened afterwards?

Answer: The king and queen agreed for the princess to be married to the merchant’s son.

2. I felt as I were really in the kitchen and could see the matches!

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: The merchant’s son said these words.

(b) What did the speaker have in mind when he spoke these words?

Answer: He wanted to delight and impress the people of the town.

(c) What happened after the ‘treat’ was over? How did the speaker suffer?

Answer: The people were impressed by the fireworks, but the flying trunk was burnt in a fire.

So, these were The Flying Trunk Questions & Answers.

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