Running Early Questions & Answers

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Running Early Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Cussedness – annoyance
  • Dashed on – hurriedly put on
  • Lodging – renting and staying
  • Anathematised – condemned
  • Evident – obvious
  • Dilapidated – broken down
  • Injured – offended
  • Dismal – gloomy
  • Lonesome – lonely
  • Morbidly – extremely

Question 1: Why could George and his friend not fall asleep again?

Answer: George and his friend weren’t fall asleep again because they would have dropped off while looking at their watches and sleep till ten.

Question 2: Why did George not realize that he had woken up earlier than usual?

Answer: George did not realize that he had woken up earlier than usual because his watch had stopped and it was winter and dark, he was unable to make out the time.

Question 3: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘But it’s only gone three!’ said George in an injured tone, when it had finished.

(a) Who was George speaking to? Describe his interaction with this person.

Answer: George was speaking to the policeman. The policeman regarded George with a lot of suspicion and annoyance.

(b) What had only gone three?

Answer: Neighbouring clock had gone three.

(c) Why did George have an injured tone?

Answer: George had an injured tone because the neighbouring clock said it was only 3 at night when George had assumed it was already morning.

Question 4: Why was George unhappy with Mrs G?

Answer: When George came down to the sitting room, it was dark and silent. There was no fire and no breakfast so, he was unhappy with Mrs G.

Question 5: What did George find when he reached Holborn?

Answer: When he reached Holborn, there were no shops open and there was no bus. He saw only three men in the market, one of whom was a police man. There was also a market cart full of cabbages and a dilapidated cab.

Question 6: Describe how George spent the rest of the night after he returned home.

Answer: After he returned home, George spent some time playing chess then, he tried to read. After that, he put on his coat and went for a walk.

Question 7: Why did George never wake up early ever again?

Answer: George never woke up early ever again because this experience had been a warning to him.

So, these were Running Early Questions & Answers.