Sabina’s Composition Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sabina’s Composition Questions & Answers.

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Sabina’s Composition Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Teary – filled with tears
  • Composition – a short essay
  • Topics – subjects
  • Distant – far away
  • Terrible – here, worrisome

Question 1: What is a composition?

Answer: A composition is a short essay written on a given topic.

Question 2: What did Sabina write? Was it a composition?

Answer: Sabina wrote about the view from the window. Yes, it was indeed a beautiful composition.

Question 3: Write True or False:

1. Sabina had to write a composition – True
2. Sabina was very happy when she returned from school – False
3. Sabina’s mother asked her to forget about the composition and go out and play – True
4. Sabina was tired after playing in the garden – False
5. Sabina’s mother told her to sit by the window and write about what she saw – True
6. The sight from the window was not at all interesting – False
7. As she wrote, Sabina forgot about the composition – True
8. When Sabina finished, her mother clapped – True
9. Sabina had written about keeping the environment clean – False
10. Without realizing it, Sabina had written a very good composition – True

Question 4: What did the teacher ask Sabina to write?

Answer: The teacher asked Sabina to write a composition.

Question 5: Which topics did Sabina try to write about?

Answer: Sabina tried to write about Time, Freedom and Knowledge.

Question 6: What did Sabina’s mother ask her to do after returning from the garden?

Answer: After returning from the garden, Sabina’s mother asked her to sit by the window side with a sheet of paper and pencil, and write about what which she could see through the window.

Question 7: What did Sabina write about?

Answer: Sabina wrote about the things that she could see through the window. She wrote about the sunset, the distant hills, the trees, the river, the garden and the birds flying past the window.

Question 8: How did Sabina describe the cloud?

Answer: Sabina described the cloud as a ship sailing in the blue sea.

Question 9: How did Sabina describe the hills?

Answer: Sabina described the green hills looked as if they were wearing golden crowns.

Question 10: Choose the right answers. You can choose more than one if required.

1. When Sabina returned from school, she was very_______.

(a) sleepy
(b) upset
(b) happy

2. Sabina felt that_________

(a) writing a composition was a difficult task.
(b) she would never be able to write a composition.
(c) her teacher would be angry if she went without a composition.

3. Sabina’s mother knew that she could not write the composition because

(a) she was trying to write on topics she knew nothing about.
(b) a small girl like Sabina could never write a composition.
(c) she was not allowed to play in the garden.

So, these were Sabina’s Composition Questions & Answers.

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