High Flyer Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share High Flyer Questions & Answers.

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High Flyer Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Feathered things – here, feathers like those of a bird
  • Gusty – windy
  • Soar – fly, take off

Question 1: Complete the sentences to find out what the poem is about.

1. It flies above the tallest trees, but it’s not a bird or plane.
2. It has no wings and does not like the rain.
3. It likes to play among the clouds and rise and sail in the air.
4. It loves the wind and has a tail.
5. It loves the windy month of March.
6. Its shape is like a diamond.
7. The poet is talking about a kite.

Question 2: Where does the kite fly?

Answer: The kite flies in the air, above the tallest trees.

Question 3: What does the kite not like? Why do you think it doesn’t like it?

Answer: The kite doesn’t like rain. I think so because it can’t fly in the rainy season.

Question 4: What does the kite have? What does it not have?

Answer: A kite has a long tail but it doesn’t have wings or feathered things.

Question 5: Why does the poet refer to the month of March as gusty?

Answer: The poet refers to the month of March as gusty because this month is mostly windy.

So, these were High Flyer Questions & Answers.

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