Sehar Goes Stargazing Questions & Answers

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Sehar Goes Stargazing Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Constellation – a group of stars that make a pattern in the sky
  • Galaxy – a collection of different star systems
  • Lodge – a small house at the gates of a park
  • Fuzzy – unclear
  • Infinite – unending

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Sariska is a wildlife sanctuary.
(b) The dimly lit lodge was located just outside the sanctuary.
(c) Sehar and her father wanted to closely watch the Great Bear.
(d) To observe the stars closely, they needed a good telescope.
(e) The first person to write about comets was Edmond Halley.
(f) Scientists expect Halley’s Comet return after every 75 years.

Question 2: Why did Sehar and her father choose Sariska for stargazing?

Answer: Sehar and her father chose Sariska for stargazing because they wanted to look more closely at the Great Bear – a constellation in our Milky Way galaxy.

Question 3: ‘Dad, look at this! Oh! It’s gone!’

(a) When did Sehar say this?

Answer: Sehar said this when she was gazing through her telescope.

(b) What was ‘gone’?

Answer: A Comet was gone.

(c) How do you think she felt at that moment?

Answer: She felt excited at that moment.

Question 4: How is a comet similar to the moon?

Answer: Like moon, a comet doesn’t have any light of its own. It reflects the light of the sun.

Question 5: ‘Both times, people all over the world stood outside at night, to see it. When were these ‘times’?

Answer: These ‘times’ were:

The last time, Halley’s Comet came near the sun and the earth in 1986 and the time before that was way back in 1910.

Question 6: What recent discoveries (in 2011) have been made by scientists?

Answer: Scientists recently discovered another solar system with two suns and about as many planets as our solar system. They have also discovered that Mars has a hundred times more water that what was earlier believed.

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