Self-Reliance Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Self-Reliance Questions & Answers.

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Self-Reliance Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Spake – (old use or poetic) past tense of speak
  • Scream – very loud, high-pitched cry
  • Ditch – long narrow channel cut into the ground
  • Grace – the mercy of God
  • Indomitable – too strong to be discouraged
  • Self-reliance – ability to do things by yourself
  • Thunder – say something loudly, forcefully
  • Conquer – take complete control
  • Escapism – not facing reality, running away from reality
  • Suffer – tolerate, bear with
  • Sweet delusion – imagination, dreaming
  • Imperceptible – gradual

Question 1: Why did the kid scream?

Answer: The kid screamed because he had fallen into a ditch.

Question 2: How do you know that the kid is self-reliant?

Answer: We know the kid is self-reliant from the fact that when the author offered him help, he refused and said that he could help himself. He did not want others to show mercy on him. He picked up the broken cycle and limped back to his home.

Question 3: Who is the creator of your destiny?

Answer: You, yourself are the creator of your destiny.

Question 4: What advice did Swami Vivekananda give his disciples?


  • Swami Vivekananda gave his disciples advice to be bold, strong and not be a weakling.
  • Conquer your misery and try to be calm.
  • Take all your responsibilities on your shoulders and know that you are the creator of your own destiny.
  • It is a big error to feel helpless. All the strength and success you want is within you.
  • If we cannot help ourselves, there is none to help us. To think that there is someone is sweet delusion. This is the greatest lesson we should learn.
  • None else can help you, friend, get a hold on yourself. Then stand up. Don’t be afraid.
  • In the midst of all miseries and all weakness, let the self come out, faint and imperceptible though it be at first.

Question 5: What is escapism?

Answer: Escapism is not facing reality or running away from reality.

Question 6: Is feeling helpless always a form of escapism?

Answer: No, feeling helpless is not always a form of escapism.

So, these were Self-Reliance Questions & Answers.

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