Shadow and Carly Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Shadow and Carly Questions & Answers.

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Shadow and Carly Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Whose family dropped Shadow off at the shelter?

(a) Carly’s family
(b) Paige’s family
(c) Theo’s family

2. Shadow told himself that it was the

(a) fever that made Paige’s eyes wet.
(b) that made Paige’s eyes wet.
(c) strong wind that made Paige’s eyes wet.

3. Who was Shadow’s first friend at the shelter?

(a) Carly
(b) Paige
(c) Theo

4. Who was adopted first?

(a) Isabel
(b) Scamp
(c) Shadow

5. For how long were Shadow and Carly not adopted?

(a) For a fortnight
(b) For a month
(c) For a year

Question 2: Why did Shadow feel odd after settling in at the cat shelter?

Answer: Shadow felt odd after settling in at the cat shelter because he was used to sleeping by Paige.

Question 3: Why, according to Shadow, was Theo adopted by the girl?

Answer: According to Shadow, Theo was adopted by the girl as he was talkative.

Question 4: Why was Shadow upset when Carly wished him a happy anniversary?

Answer: Shadow had not found a home in one year and was still not adopted. So, he did not feel happy when Carly wished him happy anniversary.

Question 5: How did Shadow react when Carly was adopted? Why?

Answer: Shadow was extremely upset on knowing that Carly had been adopted. He extended his claws and scratched the couch, the wallpaper and everything except a cat and a human. He was frustrated and very upset that his long-time friend was also leaving him.

Question 6: What happened to Shadow and Carly in the end?

Answer: In the end, Shadow and Carly were adopted by the same family. They were going to live together forever.

Question 7: What do you think actually caused tears in eyes when her family dropped off Shadow at the cat shelter?

Answer: Paige loved Shadow dearly. The feeling of getting separated from him brought tears in her eyes.

Question 8: Do you think Shadow is a nice, likeable cat? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, Shadow is a nice, liable cat. This is proven by the fact that when Paige was about to leave him at the shelter, she too could not bear being separated from him. Shadow befriended the cats at the shelter and continuously longed for human company.

Question 9: What kind of person did Paige want Shadow to be adopted by? What does that show about Paige?

Answer: Paige loved her pet very much. When she had to drop him off at the shelter, she wished that Shadow gets a good home and good family.
This shows that she is a kind and a loving person who took good care of her pet.

So, these were Shadow and Carly Questions & Answers.

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