Love Questions & Answers

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Love Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The narrator and his cousin, named Karl went hunting.
2. The narrator wore a sheepskin and his cousin wore a bearskin to keep warm when they went shooting.
3. The hut had a hole in the middle of the roof to let out the smoke.

Question 2: What all preparations did the two men do to tackle the cold weather while going shooting?

Answer: The two men prepared themselves to tackle the cold weather. They had two cups of hot coffee in the morning. They wore sheepskin and bearskin to keep them warm. They wrapped their boots in the wool so that they can walk on frozen river. A hut had been built to shelter them from the terrible wind at the hunting spot. They piled some rushes in the middle of the hut, which had a hole in the middle of the roof to let out the smoke.

Question 3: Why did they need dogs when they went hunting?

Answer: They needed dogs to bring them the bleeding birds which were shot by the hunters.

Question 4: Why was the drake coming near the hunters even when it knew its life was in danger?

Answer: Hunters killed the duck flying over them. This pained the drake so much. The bird did not want to fly away from the dead duck due to his love for her. So, it came near the hunters even when it knew his life was in danger.

Question 5: List the names of the different birds mentioned in the story.

Answer: The names of the birds mentioned in the story are:

Falcons, hawks, herons, owls, vultures, ducks and drakes.

Question 6: Do you think the narrator’s cousin was an expert hunter? Give an example from the story to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, we think that narrator’s cousin Karl was an expert hunter because through his preparations for the hunting shows that he had a good experience before. Karl did rapid firing over the flocks of the birds, which killed many birds. It also shows his expertise.

Question 7: Do you think the narrator enjoyed shooting ducks with his cousin? Choose sentences from the story that support your answer.

Answer: I think the narrator did not enjoy shooting ducks with his cousin because when he shot dead one of the ducks, he said that never have any groans of suffering pained him so much.

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