Simple Machines Questions & Answers

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Simple Machines Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer the following:

(a) What are simple machines? 

Answer: A machine is a tool that helps us move a load by applying less force. The force applied is called effort.

(b) Enlist any four types of simple machines.

Answer: Inclined plane, Wedge, Screw and Pulley.

(c) What is a screw? 

Answer: A screw is a simple machine which is a modified inclined plane that winds around a cylindrical core to form a spiral.

(d) Name the three parts of a lever.

Answer: Effort, load and fulcrum.

Question 2: What is a pulley? Give its significance.


  • Pulley is a type of simple machine which uses a wheel and a rope to move heavy objects.
  • It pulls, lifts and lowers objects.

Question 3: Why a wheel cannot be used as a machine without an axle? 

Answer: A piece of rod passing through the centre of a wheel is called an axle. The axle supports the wheel and allows the wheel to turn on the same axis. Without an axle, a wheel cannot be used as a machine.

Question 4: Give two examples of the following:

(a) Inclined plane

Answer: Ramp and ladder

(b) Wheel and axle

Answer: Doorknob and steering wheel

Question 5: Give an example in the human body where a class-one lever is found.


  • An example of a class one lever is the joint between the skull and the vertebral column. 
  • The vertebral column is the fulcrum. 
  • When you nod, the neck muscles at the back of the skull provide the force (effort) to lift your head up against the weight of the head (load). 
  • When the neck muscles relax, your head nods forward.

Simple Machines Questions & Answers

Question 6: Name the type of simple machine that can be used for doing the following activities. 

(a) To load a truck with boxes of goods.  

Answer: Inclined plane

(b) Cut a fruit.  

Answer: Wedge

(c) Opening a door using a doorknob.  

Answer: Wheel and axle

(d)  Opening a bottle using a bottle opener.  

Answer: Class-2 lever

 (e) To catch a fish using a fishing rod.  

Answer: Class-3 lever

Question 7: Observe the picture and answer the questions given below:

Simple Machines Questions & Answers

(a) Identify the parts labelled as A and B.

Answer: A – Load
B – Effort

(b) Define C.

Answer: C – Fulcrum is the point at which a lever is fixed.

Question 8: Give reasons:

(a) The ramps are constructed in public places.

Answer: These ramps are constructed for the disabled people to walk easily or move with the help of a wheel chair or a similar aid.

(b) A hammer works as class 1 and class 3 lever.

Answer: The lever class of a hammer depends upon its use. If the hammer is used as a claw to remove a nail, it is a first-class lever. When the hammer is used to strike a nail, it is a third-class lever.

(c) The roads are inclined and go round and round on hills.

Answer: If a straight road is constructed to reach the highest peak of the mountain, the plane would be too steep and thus would not be easy for either walking or driving a vehicle. Hence the roads are inclined and go round in circular style on hills and mountain.

(d) Screws are used instead of simple nails for some projects.

Answer: Screws have stronger holding abilities (tensile strength) than nails and can draw pieces together. Coupled with an adhesive (like fevicol), screws create a very tight bond between two pieces of wood. In a static situation such as a woodworking project, screws are usually the best choices for long-term strength.

So, these were Simple Machines Questions & Answers.

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