The Little Red Kite Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Little Red Kite Questions & Answers.

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The Little Red Kite Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Swaying – swing to and fro, from side to side
  • Skipped – to leap lightly from one place to another
  • Dragged – to pull with force especially along the ground
  • Bushes – dense woody plants, smaller than a tree, shrubs
  • Firmly – secured in position
  • Breeze – gentle wind
  • String – thin cord used for flying

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) It was a perfect day for flying kites because__________

i. it was a clear and breezy day
ii. Hari was in the park
iii. it was a cloudy day

(b) The little red kite trembled because it was__________

i. feeling cold
ii. afraid of falling
iii. afraid of the other kites

(c) The red kite felt very excited when__________

i. Mini first threw it up
ii. it saw the trees and the bushes
iii. it started flying

(d) All the other kites__________

i. scared the red kite
ii. welcomed the red kite
iii. did not see the red kite

(e) The purple kite was__________

i. a huge kite
ii. a small kite
iii. Mini’s kite

Question 2: How were Hari and Ravi’s kites different?

Answer: Ravi’s kite was a big, green and yellow one. Hari’s kite on the other hand, was a little, red one. Ravi’s kite was brave and flew into the sky as soon as it was thrown up. Hari’s little, red kite was scared and would not fly.

Question 3: Which sentence tells you that the little red kite was afraid?

Answer: The sentence, ‘but the little red kite just trembled a little and lay down quietly on the ground’, tells us that the little red kite was afraid.

Question 4: Why did Mini jump high? What did she tell the kite?

Answer: Mini asked the kite to try hard when she threw it up. She jumped high so that the breeze would lift the little kite up into the sky and it would be easier for it to fly.

Question 5: How did the kite feel when it started flying?

Answer: The kite felt very excited when it started flying.

Question 6: Why did Ravi’s kite call the purple kite a ‘monster’?

Answer: Ravi’s kite called the purple kite a monster because it was big and could hurt the smaller kites.

Question 7: What kind of a day is good for flying kites?

Answer: A clear, breezy day is good for flying kites.

Question 8: Why did the little red kite not want to fly at first?

Answer: The little, red kite did not want to fly at first because it was afraid that it might fall on a sharp branch or cruel thorn and get hurt.

So, these were The Little Red Kite Questions & Answers.

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