Tenali Rama and The Dream Kingdom Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Tenali Rama and The Dream Kingdom Questions & Answers.

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Tenali Rama and The Dream Kingdom Questions & Answers

Question 1: Number these events from the story in the correct order:


…5… The King commanded his courtiers to build him the palace.
…2… The King could not get the palace out of his mind.
…6… The courtiers went to Tenali Rama for help.
…3… The King told his courtiers about the dream.
…4… The courtiers praised the dream.
…1… The King dreamt of a palace in the air.

Question 2: Complete the sentences:

(a) Krishnadeva Rai dreamt of a splendid palace floating in air.
(b) The courtiers flattered the king because they hoped he would reward.
(c) The chief minister went to Tenali Rama’s house because he knew that there was only one man who could make the king understand.
(d) Tenali Rama came to the court wearing a false beard and hair.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The courtiers were shocked by the king’s announcement. Their mouths fell open!

(a) Why were the courtiers shocked?

Answer: The courtiers were shocked because the king made an announcement that he wanted to have a splendid palace in the air.

(b) In your own words, explain the phrase ‘their mouths fell open.’

Answer: The phrase ‘their mouths fell open’ means that the courtiers were very surprised or shocked after hearing the announcement made by the King.

(c) What did the honest courtiers try to tell the king?

Answer: The honest courtiers tried to tell the king that building a palace over the clouds is not possible.

Question 4: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘I dreamt that you had come with your entourage of ministers and commanders and looted my entire life’s savings – five thousand gold coins!’

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Tenali Rama said this to the King when he was in disguise.

(b) What was the king’s reaction to this?

Answer: The King reacted by sating that it was only a dream and dreams can never be true.

(c) The meaning of the word ‘entourage’ is:

i. a group of people attended or surrounding an important person.
ii. people who go on tours.
iii. people who are highly respected.

Question 5: Describe the palace that the king saw in his dream.

Answer: In his dream, the King saw a palace that was made of glittering stones and it was floating in the air. It had a hundred rooms, each painted with beautiful designs.

Question 6: What promise did the king make to the man? What does this tell you about the king?

Answer: The king promised the man that he would not punish him. This tells us that the king keeps his promise and is always ready to listen to the problems of his people.

Question 7: Why do you think the king burst out laughing at the end of the story?

Answer: At the end of the story, the king burst out laughing because he realised how impossible his dream of a palace floating in the sir was. He was also surprised at Tenali Rama who was in disguise.

Question 8: Wise people use their intelligence in good ways. Do you think Tenali Rama was wise? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Yes, I think Tenali Rama was a wise man because he made the king realised the foolishness of his dream in a very witty manner by disguising himself.

So, these were Tenali Rama and The Dream Kingdom Questions & Answers.

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