The Caucus Race Questions & Answers

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The Caucus Race Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a.Narratori.Introduces the Caucus Race
b. Aliceii. flies during the race
c. Loryiii. is the first one to get tired during the race
d. Dodoiv. introduces the play and the characters
e. Mousev. begins a boring tale
f. Canaryvi. hands out prizes
g. Lizardvii. quarrels about her age  

Answer: a-iv, b-vi, c-vii, d-i, e-v, f-ii, g-iii

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Mouse: William the Conqueror was the first Norman King of England…”

(a) What does Mouse start telling the group?

Answer: The Mouse starts telling the group a boring tale. He says that he knows how they all could become dry.

(b) What does he mean by ‘a dry story’?

Answer: By ‘a dry story’ he means that a boring story, uninteresting one. However, in this context, the Mouse is trying to say that it was an old story of William the Conqueror who dies centuries ago.

(c) Does the group like the story? What do they say?

Answer: No, the group did not like the story. Alice said that how could William the Conqueror would help them get dry, and she also felt that it was a dry story.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Dodo: See! Everybody has won. everybody must get a prize…”

(a) What is going on? What has everybody won in?

Answer: A Caucus-race is going on. Dodo says that everybody who ran in the Caucus Race has won as they all got dried.

(b) How has everybody won? Why isn’t there just one winner?

Answer: Everybody has won because they ran in the Caucus race to get dry, and in the end, they all got dried. So, they all were winners.

(c) What prize does everybody get?

Answer: Everybody gets a candy as a prize. Alice gets a thimble.

Question 4: Where do you think White Rabbit was going?

Answer: I think the white rabbit was going into a big rabbit hole to reach Wonderland.

Question 5: Write what happens before Alice and her new friends swim to the shore.

Answer: Alice wanted to go through the door into the garden. But after eating the cake, she grew a lot in size, almost touching the roof. She became sad and started crying. She shed gallons of tears that made a large pool. All the animals began to collect around her in the pool.

Question 6: What safety rule does Alice keep in mind before drinking the liquid in the bottle?

Answer: Before drinking the liquid in the bottle, Alice made sure that the bottle didn’t say poison.

So, these were The Caucus Race Questions & Answers.

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