Terrapin’s Flying Adventure Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Terrapin’s Flying Adventure Questions & Answers.

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Terrapin’s Flying Adventure Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Grumble – complain in a bad-tempered way
  • Squealed – made a sharp loud cry
  • Shuddered – tremble with fear
  • Delight – happiness
  • Leaped off – jumped off
  • Dizzy – feeling unbalanced
  • Disaster – a sudden accident that causes great damage

Question 1: Why was Terrapin nicknamed ‘Grumbler’?

Answer: Terrapin was nicknamed ‘Grumbler’ because he had a habit of complaining for everything that he did not possess and was always envious of other creatures.

Question 2: Why did the birds decide to ‘do something’? What did they decide to do?

Answer: The birds decided to ‘do something’ because they all were fed up with Terrapin’s grumbling. So, they decided to take Terrapin to a ride and to teach him how to fly.

Question 3: What did Crow refuse to do?

Answer: Firstly, the Crow had taken Terrapin on a ride but when Terrapin asked him to go higher, the Crow refused him to do so.

Question 4: Why did Vulture want to go down? What did he do?

Answer: Vulture wanted to go down because he saw that his brothers were having a feast in the valley down and he wanted to join them. So, he whistled and called Hawk and told him to give Terrapin a ride in the clouds.

Terrapin’s Flying Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Terrapin finally manage to reach the ground?

Answer: King Eagle took Terrapin so high that he couldn’t see any houses below. He thought that he might fall and crash to pieces on the ground and shuddered at the thought. Just then, he remembered that he had a kite winder with strong thread in his pocket. He quickly tied some thread to King Eagle’s legs. Then, he held onto the winder and leaped off King Eagle’s back and let himself down. In this way, he managed to reach the ground.

Question 6: What was the ‘disaster’ and how did Terrapin save himself?

Answer: The disaster was his fall from the extreme height and crashing into pieces. He saved himself by using his intelligence and quick thinking.

Question 7: Who said these lines?

(a) ‘No, sorry! I can’t go higher.’

Answer: Crow

(b) ‘Can’t you go higher?’

Answer: Terrapin

(c) ‘….I’ll only fly as high as is good for me.’

Answer: Hawk

(d) ‘I’ve got to go down.’

Answer: Vulture

(e) ‘……this is not what you call flying in the clouds.’

Answer: King Eagle

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
‘….I’ll only fly as high as is good for me. Why don’t you take him?’

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The Hawk said this to the King Eagle.

(b) Why did the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker said this because he could fly only up to his comfort level.

(c) Who is ‘you’ here? What did the speaker do after this?

Answer: ‘You’ here refers to King Eagle. The speaker took Terrapin on his back for a better and higher ride.

So, these were Terrapin’s Flying Adventure Questions & Answers.

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