Tess Buys A Miracle Questions & Answers

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Tess Buys A Miracle Questions & Answers

  • Overheard – heard the conversation by accident
  • Annoyed – angry
  • Neurosurgeon – a doctor who performs medical operations on the nervous system, especially on the brain
  • Drugstore – a shop that sells medicines and also articles for personal care

Question 1: What did Tess overhear one day?

Answer: One day, Tess overhead her parents saying that her little brother Andrew was sick and they didn’t have enough money for his treatment.

Question 2: What did Tess’s father say about Andrew?

Answer: He said that only a miracle can save Andrew now.

Question 3: Where did Tess go and why?

Answer: Tess carried the money that she was having in her purse and went to a drugstore to buy a miracle for her little brother. This is because Andrew was sick and she had heard her father saying that only a miracle can save Andrew now.

Question 4: Why did the chemist not pay any attention to Tess?

Answer: The chemist didn’t pay any attention to Tess as he was busy talking to his brother who had just arrived from Chicago.

Tess Buys A Miracle Questions & Answers

Question 5: How much money did Tess have?

Answer: Tess had one dollar and eleven cents.

Question 6: What did Tess want to know from the chemist?

Answer: She wanted to know how much the miracle costs that can save her little brother’s life.

Question 7: Who was the chemist’s brother?

Answer: Dr. Carl Armstrong was the chemist’s brother. He was a famous neurosurgeon.

Question 8: What did Dr. Carl Armstrong say to Tess?

Answer: Dr. Carl Armstrong took Tess’s money in one hand and held Tess with the other. He said Tess to take him to her house so that he could see her brother.

Question 9: Who helped Andrew to recover from his illness and how?

Answer: Dr. Carl Armstrong helped Andrew to recover from his illness. He admitted him to the hospital and operated on him. Within a few weeks, Andrew was back at home and was doing well.

Question 10: Why did Tess’s mother wonder?

Answer: Tess’s mother wondered as Dr. Armstrong didn’t take any money from them and they didn’t know the cost of their son’s surgery.

Question 11: Write True or False:

(a) Tess’s parents were very hopeful that their son would recover from his illness – False
(b) Tess didn’t want to use her own money to buy a miracle to save her brother – False
(c) Tess believed that miracles are things that one can buy – True
(d) The chemist’s brother wanted to help Tess – True
(e) Tess’s brother needed a surgical operation – True
(f) Tess’s parents had to spend a lot of money on Andrew’s operation – False
(g) Dr. Armstrong made Tess believe that it was possible for her to buy miracle she needed – True
(h) Tess’s parents saved Andrew’s life – False
(i) Dr. Armstrong was not a kind and sympathetic man – False

Tess Buys A Miracle Questions & Answers

Question 12: Choose the correct option:

(a) From her parents’ conversation, what were the things that Tess came to know about?

i. Andrew was seriously ill.
ii. Her parents did not want to take Andrew to a doctor.
iii. Her little brother Andrew had a little money.

(b) Tess went to the drugstore.

i. to meet the chemist.
ii. to meet the chemist’s brother.
iii. to buy miracle

(c) The chemist was not very happy to see Tess at the shop because….

i. he did not like the sad look on Tess’s face.
ii. he did not like children.
iii. he did not like Tess interrupting his conversation with his brother.

(d) The doctor was impressed by……….

i. Tess’s way of speaking.
ii. Tess’s concern for her brother.
iii. Tess’s love for her parents.

(e) Only a miracle could save Andrew’s life because……….

i. his parents hadn’t enough money to bear the cost of his treatment.
ii. the disease was incurable.
iii. there were no good doctors available at that place.

Question 13: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Only a miracle can save him.
(b) Tess made her way to drugstore.
(c) There were few coins in the jar.
(d) The chemist’s brother arrived from Chicago.
(e) Dr. Armstrong operated on her brother.
(f) Within a few weeks, Andrew was back at home.

So, these were Tess Buys A Miracle Questions & Answers.

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