The Adventures of Little Peachling Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Adventures of Little Peachling Questions & Answers.

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The Adventures of Little Peachling Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. One day, the wife found a peach

(a) falling from a tree.
(b) floating down the stream.
(c) in her garden.

2. When the peach split open, inside it was a little baby

(a) boy.
(b) dog.
(c) elephant.

3. The old couple named him Little Peachling, because they had found him inside

(a) an apple.
(b) a plum.
(c) a peach.

4. One day, he told his old parents that he wanted to go to the

(a) Ogres’ island.
(b) Giants’ island.
(c) Robbers’ island.

5. On his way, he met

(a) a dog, a cat and a monkey.
(b) a monkey, a dog and a hen.
(c) a monkey, a pheasant and a dog.

Question 2: Why did the woodcutter’s wife take the peach home?

Answer: The woodcutter’s wife took the peach home for her husband to eat.

Question 3: Why did they name the baby ‘Little Peachling’?

Answer: They named the baby Little Peachling because they had found him inside a peach.

Question 4: What did Little Peachling decide to do when he grew up?

Answer: Little Peachling wanted to go to the Ogres’ island, defeat them and take away their treasure.

Question 5: How did the monkey, pheasant and the dog help him defeat the ogres?

Answer: On reaching the Ogres’ island, the pheasant flew over the castle gate, the monkey clambered over the castle wall, while the dog went into the castle with Little Peachiing, where they fought with the ogres and captured their king.

Question 6: Little Peachling did not go to the Ogres’ island all alone. He made friends on the way who helped him defeat the ogres. What does this tell you about Little Peachling?

Answer: This shows that Little Peachling was very friendly and clever as well. He knew that to conquer Ogres’ Island, he would need help. So, he made friends on the way.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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