When The Clouds Fought Questions & Answers

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When The Clouds Fought Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Vikram saw a

(a) dragon in the sky.
(b) bull in the sky.
(c) bee on a flower.

2. Vikram and Rajat were

(a) in their garden.
(b) on a swing.
(c) inside their classroom

3. Clouds are made up of

(a) drops of water.
(b) cotton.
(c) drops of water and a little bit of dust.

4. A rainbow is seen when

(a) there is lightning in the sky.
(b) the clouds become heavy with drops of water.
(c) the sun comes out after the rain.

Question 2: What happened when the ‘dragon’ and the ‘bull’ cIouds came close in the sky?

Answer: When the dragon and the bull were moving towards each other, a blinding light suddenly appeared between them as soon as they came close.

Question 3: Vikram and Rajat ran inside their house. Why?

Answer: Vikram and Rajat ran inside their house because it started raining.

Question 4: What did their mother tell them about the shape and size of the clouds?

Answer: Mother told them that clouds can be of any shape and size.

Question 5: State what happens when a cloud becomes very heavy with water drops.

Answer: When a cloud becomes too heavy with water drops, the drops fall as rain.

Question 6: When do we see lightning in the sky?

Answer: During a storm, clouds bang into each other and we see lightning in the sky.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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