The Aunt and Amabel Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Aunt and Amabel Questions & Answers.

This story is taken from Edith Nesbit’s book, The Magic World. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Laughing Song, Tenali Meets Babur and Chuskit Goes to School so, you can check these posts as well.

The Aunt and Amabel Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Greenhouse – a glass house where plants are grown and kept protected.
  • Extraordinary – uncommon, different
  • Porter – A person whose job is to carry luggage or other things.
  • Satin – shiny cloth, smooth
  • Grinning – smiling
  • Mayor – A person who is elected as head of city or town and is responsible for its government
  • Bowed low – bent forward to greet and show respect.
  • Instantly – immediately
  • Concert – a musical performance given in the public

Question 1: Where was Amabel’s home and where did her brother go to school?

Answer: Amabel’s home was at Amberley and her brother went to school at Rugby.

Question 2: What made Amabel smile when the porter in white satin spoke to her?

Answer: The friendly nature and cheering words made Amabel smiled when the porter in white satin spoke to her.

Question 3: What happened when Amabel’s aunt appeared after her speech?

Answer: When Amabel’s aunt appeared after her speech, the crowd shouted ‘speech, speech from Auntie!’

Question 4: Where did Amabel find herself upon waking up?

Answer: Amabel found herself on a big bed with her aunt’s arm still around her when she woke up.

Question 5: Write True or False:

(a) Amabel found a book covered in yellow velvet, with the letter A,B,C on it – False
(b) Inside the big wardrobe was a crystal cave shaped like a railway station – True
(c) Amabel sat in a crystal train and the cushions in it were of white satin – True
(d) On a silver tray, there was Vanilla ice, almonds, peppermint cream, mashed potato and a tall glass of orange juice – False
(e) The Mayor said it was Amabel’s fault that she took the flowers without permission – False
(f) Amabel’s aunt said the flowers were meant for the winter – True

So, these were The Aunt and Amabel Questions & Answers.

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