The Rarest Animal Of All Questions & Answers

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The Rarest Animal Of All Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rarest – here, most uncommon and unusual
  • Beast – here, animal
  • Menagerie-keepers – person who look after a collection of wild animals
  • Creature – an animal
  • Pinch and scrape – live carefully on very little money
  • Borrowed – took something with the intention of returning
  • Persuade – talk someone into

Question 1: Who was Pushmi-pullyu? Describe in your own words.

Answer: A pushmi-pullyu was the rarest animal that was found in Africa, but is now extinct. He was a very shy animal. He had no tail but had a head at each end and sharp horns on each head. One head is always awake while half of him slept.

Question 2: Why were pushmi-pullyu never seen in zoos?

Answer: Only one-half of a pushmi-pullyu slept at a time. The other-half would always be awake and watching. Moreover, he hid in the jungle cleverly. This made them extremely difficult to catch and therefore, they were never seen in zoos.

Question 3: How did the monkeys persuade the pushmi-pullyu to meet Dr Dolittle?

Answer: The monkeys persuaded the pushmi-pullyu to meet Dr Dolittle by explaining to him that he would not be locked in a zoo but would just be looked at. They told him about the kindness the doctor has in his heart for the animals and how he cares for every other animal who lives with him.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

“No, you know how shy I am – I hate being stared at.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: These words were spoken by the pushmi-pullyu to the monkeys.

(b) What had the listeners asked the speaker to do?

Answer: The listeners, monkeys asked the pushmi-pullyu if he would go with Doctor Dolittle and be put on show in the Land of Men.

(c) What did the speaker do after making the statement?

Answer: After making the statement, the pushmi-pullyu almost began to cry.

Question 5: What did Chee-Chee suggest to Dr Dolittle?

Answer: Chee-Chee, the monkey suggested Dr Dolittle to take pushmi-pullyu with him to be put on show in the land of men where people would pay any money to see him.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

“Oh, do be sensible!” cried Dab-Dab.

(a) Who was Dab-Dab and to whom was she speaking?

Answer: Dab-Dab was a duck and she was speaking to Dr Dolittle.

(b) What did she want the listener to be sensible about?

Answer: She wanted the listener to think sensibly when he said that he was going to make a new boat. She explained him that he needs money and should not deny this opportunity.

(c) What effect did her words have on the listener?

Answer: After listening to Dab-Dab’s words, the listener got convinced and agreed to take pushmi-pullyu to the land of men.

Question 7: What did pushmi-pullyu decide in the end? What did he ask Dr Dolittle to promise him?

Answer: In the end, the pushmi- pullyu decided to go with Dr Dolittle in the land of men. He asked Dr Dolittle to promise him that if he did not like the Land of Men, the Doctor would send him back.

So, these were The Rarest Animal Of All Questions & Answers.

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