The Awakening Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Awakening Questions & Answers.

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The Awakening Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Param use to earn his living?

Answer: Param was a woodcutter. He used to cut down trees and sell the wood to earn his living.

Question 2: Why did Anand want Param to stop cutting down trees?

Answer: Anand wanted Param to stop cutting down trees because he knew that Param’s actions were harming the environment. Anand knew the importance of trees and wanted to protect and conserve them.  

Question 3: Why were Param and Anand arguing?

Answer: Param was a woodcutter and used to cut down trees to earn his living. Anand was concerned about the environment and didn’t want Param to do that. They were arguing because they had contrasting opinions and ideas.

Question 4: How did Param justify his actions?

Answer: Param justified his actions by saying that he never cut down the trees in his neighbourhood. He went deep into the forest where nobody goes to cut down the trees so, he was not harming the environment in anyway.

Question 5: Why did the sage lay down a condition to bless Param?

Answer: The sage told Param that if he stopped cutting trees, he would bless him. He did so because he wanted Param to change his ways and stop ruining the environment by cutting trees.

Question 6: How did we know that Anand really cared for Param?

Answer: Anand took Param to the doctor immediately when he was shivering and moaning in pain. He didn’t let him suffer and took his proper care at the doctor’s clinic. So, we came to know that Anand really cared for Param.

Question 7: What had bitten Param?

Answer: A poisonous spider had bitten Param.

Question 8: Why did it take the doctor so long to find the medicinal plants?

Answer: It took the doctor so long to find the herbs he wanted because Param had completely destroyed the trees that bore the medicinal leaves. The doctor had to go deep into the forest to search for them.

Question 9: What restored Param’s life?

Answer: The doctor went to the forest, brought some medicinal leaves, grinded them to extract juice and made Param drink it. in this way, the doctor restored Param’s life.

Question 10: Why did Param say that he would change his ways?

Answer: Param said that he would change his ways because the antidote made from the medicinal tree had saved his life. He understood the importance of trees and was feeling guilty of destroying those lifesaving trees. He now decided to plant more trees and take care of them. He promised to preserve and protect the nature.

So, these were The Awakening Questions & Answers.

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