The Book That Saved The Earth Questions & Answers

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The Book That Saved The Earth Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the Martians plan on doing? Did they succeed in their attempt?

Answer: The Martians plan on invading the Earth. No, they failed in their attempt.

Question 2: How did Oop describe the sandwich he ate?

Answer: Oop described the sandwich as dry as Martian dust. He wondered how can the people on earth eat those sandwiches without water. They were surely not delicious.

Question 3: Noodle took care not to offend Think-Tank by pointing out the errors in his conjectures, but at the same time he made it a point to rectify them. How did he achieve this?

Answer: Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank while correcting his mistakes by presenting his own thoughts, but referring to them as being of no particular importance. Whenever he had to say something contrary to what Think-Tank said, he would do this. In this way he would correct Think-Tank’s errors without making Think-Tank feel that he was being corrected.

Question 4: How does Think-Tank interpret the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle, Diddle’?

Answer: When Iota read the rhyme “Hey Diddle, Diddle’, Think-Tank sounded a little alarmed and concerned. He thought that Earthlings have reached a high level of civilization. People on earth have taught musical culture and space techniques to their domesticated animals. He even though that Earthlings at this moment might be launching an interplanetary attack of millions of cows and hence asked his invasion fleet to stop the invasion for that day.

Question 5: Why did Think-Tank express his peevishness with Noodle?

Answer: Think- Tank considered himself to be the most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe and Noodle being his apprentice missed out a part of his salutation while addressing him. Hence, Think-Tank expressed hi peevishness with Noodle.

Question 6: How does Think-Tank describe the Earth?

Answer: Think-Tank described the earth as a ridiculous little planet, an insignificant place and calls its inhabitants as ugly earthlings with tiny heads. He also calls the earth as the primitive ball of mud.

The Book That Saved The Earth Questions & Answers

Question 9: Who eats the sandwich ultimately?

Answer: Sergeant Oop eats the sandwich ultimately.

Question 10: How does Think-Tank wish to be saluted?

Answer: Think-Tank wishes to be saluted in these words — ‘O Great and Mighty Think-Tank, Ruler of Mars and her two moons, most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe.’

Question 11: What does Oop think about the library?

Answer: Oop does not have any clue of that place. He said he has been to seven galaxies, however, never seen anything like this ever. He thinks the library to be a haberdashery, a shop which sells clothing, small articles of dress, pins cotton, etc. and considers the books of library as hats. He even opens a book and puts it on his head.

Question 12: How does the picture of Humpty Dumpty look like?

Answer: When Sergeant Oop was reading the poem of Humpty Dumpty, he looked at the large picture of Humpty Dumpty and showed it to Think-Tank. At this, Think-Tank holds his head and screamed that the picture of Humpty Dumpty looked like him and it’s the same as his Great and Mighty Balloon Brain.

Question 13: What question does Think-Tank ask the mirror?

Answer: Think-Tank hold the mirror in his hand and asks it, ‘Mirror, mirror, in my hand. Who is the most fantastically intellectually gifted being in the land?’ He asks the mirror to be quicker in answering the next time.

Question 14: What did the books teach in twentieth century?

Answer: The books in the twentieth century taught people how to do, when to do, where to do, and why to do. They explained, educated, punctuated and decorated. No wonder that it was called the Era of the Books.

Question 15: Who tried to invade the earth in the twenty first century?

Answer: The Martians tried to invade the earth in the twenty first century. Think-Tank, the Great and Mighty Commander-in-Chief was the ruler of Mars. He wanted to put the earth under his rule.

Question 16: Why are books referred as man’s best friend?

Answer: Books guide us, instruct us, make us laugh, inform us, inspire us and are always true to us. A book is a man’s best companion because it is always there. It never leaves us alone. Hence, books are referred to as man’s best friend.

The Book That Saved The Earth Questions & Answers

Question 17: What has Think-Tank thought about magnificent brilliance?

Answer: Think-Tank thought about the vitamins which were given by the chemical department of Mars to increase their intelligence. He asked his team on the earth to immediately have those vitamins which will help them understand the meaning of the codes written on the book.

Question 18: What is Think-Tank planning about the earth?

Answer: Think-Tank is planning to invade the earth. He has sent his team of Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota and Sergeant Oop to Earth to survey the situation. Thin-Tank wants to bring earth under his rule.

Question 19: How does Noodle suggest to Think-Tank about the books?

Answer: Noodle informs Think-Tank in a very humble and subtle manner that he has seen surveyor films of those sandwiches. He observed that Earthlings use them as some kind of communication device instead of eating them.

Question 20: How did the book Mother Goose save the Earth from a Martian invasion?
Why did Think-Tank’s plan fail to invade the earth?

Answer: The rhymes in the book Mother Goose kept in the library of the Earth frightened Think Tank. When Sergeant Oop read the poem Humpty Dumpty and showed the picture of Humpty Dumpty to Think-Tank, he thought that people of Earth have seen him and are after him to capture him and Mars Central Control. This meant an invasion on Mars. Think-Tank immediately asked his space people to leave the earth, asked his invasion fleet to evacuate entire planet of Mars and ordered Noodles to prepare a space capsule for himself, so that he can escape to Alpha Centauri a hundred million miles away. This way, Think-Tank’s plan failed to invade the earth.

Question 21: Give the character-sketch of noodle?

Answer: Noodle is an obedient apprentice of Think-Tank, the Commander in Chief and the ruler of Mars. He is much wiser and familiar with the activities of the people on the earth as compared to Think-Tank. He is intelligent, clever and diplomatic. He rectifies the follies of Think-Tank not directly but in a very subtle, suggestive and in a round about manner so as not to hurt him. He praises Think Tank before suggesting anything. His polite, humble and down to earth attitude pleases Think Tank.

Question 22: What do you know about Think Tank after reading the play?

Answer: Think Tank is an ambitious, arrogant and powerful ruler of Mars. He wants to extend his empire by invading earth and pitting it under his rule. He doesn’t have proper knowledge about the people on earth. He assumes library as refreshment stand and books as sandwiches. When he realizes that the people on earth may attack the Martians, he immediately orders them to leave earth, drops his plan of invading earth and flees to Alpha Centauri for his safety. This shows that he is a coward.

Question 23: How were friendly relations established between People of Mars and People of Earth?

Answer: Friendly relations between the people of Mars and of Earth were established in 25th century. The wise and wonderful Noodle became the ruler of Mars. Earthlings resumed contact with Martians. Earthlings taught Martians the difference between sandwiches and books. They taught Martians how to read. They established a model library in Marsopolis, the capital of Mars. Thus, they became friendly.

So, these were The Book That Saved The Earth Questions & Answers.

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