The Man Who Loved Tigers Questions & Answers

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The Man Who Loved Tigers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the following.

Column AColumn B
1. Fateh Singh Rathorea. was born in the Kumaon region
2. Ranthambore Reserve Park wasb. planned and developed by Fateh Singh Rathore.
3. The hunting of tigers was bannedc. was hated by the villagers near Ranthambore.
4. Jim Corbettd. in 1969

Answer: 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a

Question 2: Who was Fateh Singh Rathore?

Answer: Fateh Singh Rathore was a conservationist who worked for saving tigers.  

Question 3: When did he think of saving tigers and become a conservationist?

Answer: It was after his training with S R Choudhury, a great conservationist, for the Project Tiger that Rathore thought of saving tigers and became a conservationist.

Question 4: What was his great contribution in the field of tiger conservation in India?

Answer: Rathore developed the Ranthambore Reserved Forest as a safe haven for tigers in India.

Question 5: “I was crying with them because… I knew they were paying the price for something they may never understand.”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is Fateh Singh Rathore, a great tiger conservationist of India.

(b) Who is referred to as ‘them’ here? Why were they crying? What price were they paying?

Answer: The villagers are referred as ‘them’ here. They were crying because they were being uprooted from the land they owned for generations to help the forest grow and spread. The villagers were losing their land, house and everything they had built for years.

(c) When the speaker said they may never understand for what they were paying the price, he meant that

i. they would be unable to understand why tigers needed so much space.
ii. they would be unable to understand why tigers should be saved.
iii. they would be unable to understand why the speaker was spending so much to save tigers.

Answer: For the sake of the tiger population, the villagers had to lose a lot. This was the price for tiger conservation in Ranthambore.
ii. they would be unable to understand why tigers should be saved.

Question 6: Rathore did not feel that poaching could be stopped but he thought that the local communities could benefit directly from wildlife tourism.

(a) What is poaching? Is it legal?

Answer: Poaching is the term used when hunters or poachers trap an animal to either get him alive for selling to zoos, private collectors, circuses, etc., or to get the animal and kill him to get its hide, tusks, horn for selling. Poaching is illegal.

(b) Why does Rathore think that it cannot be stopped? Give two possible reasons.

Answer: Rathore thought so because he was a realist and he knew it was impossible to guard a vast area as a reserved forest to catch poachers, who might also be aided by the very people in charge of protecting the animals.

(c) What alternative suggestion did Rathore give that might help stop poaching?

Answer: Rathore suggested that poaching might be stopped if the local people found employment, and so the Park could allow tourists to come and see wild animals in their natural habitat. He also suggested that the forest officers should actually report all cases of poaching and demand more resources and facilities from the government for tiger protection.

Question 7: Fateh Singh Rathore felt that the future of the tigers of Ranthambore depended on creating corridors to other jungles of Mansingh and Keladevi….

(a) What are corridors?

Answer: Corridors are connecting jungle areas that act as passages and allow wild animals to move freely from one forest area to another.

(b) What would happen if the corridors were created?

Answer: Wild animals would be able to move freely and find food more easily if the corridors were created. This would stop them from attacking villagers or cattle for easy prey.

Question 8: Do you think Rathore had done excellent work for the tiger population?

Answer: Yes, Rathore had done excellent work for the tiger population at a time when very few people were aware of the dwindling numbers of tigers.

Question 9: Why did the villagers criticize Rathore?

Answer: In order to create a safe, reserved forest for the tigers, Rathore had to increase the forest area. This necessitated the relocation of villagers and the irate villagers criticised him for this.

Question 10: Why do we need to conserve tigers?

Answer: We need to conserve tigers so that the ecological balance is not upset. Tigers are also magnificent creatures that increase the beauty of the natural world.

So, these were The Man Who Loved Tigers Questions & Answers.

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