The Boy Who Wanted To Read Questions & Answers

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The Boy Who Wanted To Read Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the sentences and choose the correct meanings.

1. He made books come alive for the blind.

(a) He acted out books for blind people.
(b) He made it possible for blind people to read books.

2. Mr Braille rushed to his son but the damage was done.

(a) Mr Braille hurt his son when he rushed towards him.
(b) Mr Braille rushed to help his son but he was already hurt.

3. The very tool that had caused him to go blind would now help him to read!

(a) The tool that blinded him could be used for reading.
(b) The tool that blinded him could be used to make a reading aid for the blind.

Question 2: Who was Louis Braille? How did he get hurt when he was a child?

Answer: Louis Braille was a French educator and inventor of Braille system for visually impaired people. When he was three years old, his eye got damaged while playing with an awl in his father’s workshop. Later, the infection spread to his other eye as well and he turned blind.

Question 3: What did Louis realize when he reached the special school? What did it make him start to think about?

Answer: At the school, Louis realized that there were special books for the blind to read, but they were bulky and expensive to make. Besides, this “finger reading” was a long and difficult task. He thought of developing a system which would make reading by touch quick and easy.

Question 4: What was ‘night writing’? Why did Louis get interested in ‘night writing’?

Answer: Night writing was a method of reading written messages in the dark by French army. Louis got interested in it because the symbols used were raised up off the paper, so that reader could read the messages by running their fingers over them. He found it good but wanted to improve it.

Question 5: Briefly describe the system of reading and writing that Louis developed. How is Braille used by blind nowadays?

Answer: Louis developed a system of reading and writing by touch known as Braille system. In this system, raised dots represent the letters of the alphabet. Braille is used by blind nowadays to read maps. Braille computers enable them to connect with the online world. Musical code in Braille helps them to read musical notes and compose tunes.

Question 6: How did India honour the achievements of Louis Braille?

Answer: India honoured the achievements of Louis Braille by issuing a two rupee coin on his 200th birth anniversary. The coin bears his portrait and also has his name written in Braille.

So, these were The Boy Who Wanted To Read Questions & Answers.

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