The Bull Questions & Answers

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The Bull Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Indifference – lack of interest
  • Eloquent – expressive
  • Tangible – clear and definite
  • Tempted – persuade to do something
  • Grudging – resentfully unwilling to give something
  • Especial – special
  • Galling – annoying
  • Languid – unenergetic
  • Copse – a small group of trees
  • Chattel – a personal possession
  • Ceased – stop
  • Slush – watery mud
  • Prod – poke
  • Redoubtable – formidable
  • Niggardly – meagre and given grudgingly

Question 1: How had Tom regarded as half-brother Laurence?

Answer: Tom regarded his half-brother with a lazy instinct of dislike, toned down, as years went on, to a tolerant feeling of indifference.

Question 2: Why did Tom feel a comforting sense of assured superiority?

Answer: Tom felt a contrasting sense of assured superiority in contrasting his position with that of his half-brother; Laurence. Laurence was an artist champ while Tom was a farmer, not in a very big way, it was true, but the Helsery farm had a good reputation for the stock raised on it.

Question 3: How did Laurence live for a few years after leaving the farm?

Answer: Laurence lived for a few years on a small sum of money left him by his mother after leaving the farm.

Question 4: Who was Clover Fairy? Describe it.

Answer: Clover Fairy was a bull which was something better than any that is immediate neighbours could show. It would not make a sensation judging ring at important cattle show, but it was as vigorous, shapely and healthy a young animal as any small pratical farmer could wish to possess.

Question 5: What were Tom and Laurence doing in Taunton respectively?

Answer: Tom was on his business journey to Taunton where he was invited by his half-brother to visit a studio in town, where Laurence was exhibiting one of his pictures.

The Bull Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did Tom feel his old dislike for Laurence reviving?

Answer: Tom felt his old dislike for Laurence reviving because the artist was becoming more languid in his manner, more unsuitably turned – out in attire, and he seemed inclined to impart a slightly patronizing tone to his conversation.

Question 7: What finally got through Tom’s power of restraint? What did he do then?

Answer: The united force of truth and slander and insult put over heavy a strain on Tom’s powers of restraint. In his right hand he held an oak cudgel, with his left made a grab at the loose collar of Laurence’s canary-coloured silk shirt.

Question 8: What finally settled the rancour in the young farmer’s mind?

Answer: Laurence’s bull might sell for three hindered, or for six hundred, and be admired by thousands in some big picture gallery, but it would never toss man over one shoulder and catch him a jab in the ribs before he had fallen on the other side. That was Clover Fairy’s achievement, which could be never taken away from him and this thought settled the rancour in the young farmer’s mind.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
‘Don’t admire those Herefords much myself’.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Laurence is the speaker.

(b) What is the speaker referring to? Why does he not admire them much?

Answer: The speaker is referring to the animals of breed of red and white beef cattle. He did not admire them much because they don’t seem to have much life in them.

(c) What does the speaker prefer instead?

Answer: The speaker preferred Daresay as they are easier to paint that way.

The Bull Questions & Answers

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:
But now he was being to inspect the crowning pride and glory of Helsery.

(a) What is Helsery? Who is the crowning pride and glory?

Answer: Helsery was a farm in which stocks were raised. Clover Fairy was the crowning pride and glory of Helsery.

(b) Describe two incidents that show Laurence was not paying attention to Tom’s farm.

Answer: The two incidents are:
1. He took no heed of a flourishing potato crop, but waxed enthusiastic over a clump of yellow-flowering weed that stood in a corner by a gateway.
2. He did not notice group of fat, black-faced lambs that were crying aloud for admiration, he became eloquent over the foliage tints of an oak copse on his opposite.

(c) What effect did Tom intend to have on Laurence by taking him to see the pride of Helsery?

Answer: Tom wanted to impress Laurence that he is the owner of the farm that had a good reputation for the stocks raised on it.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
‘I’d rather have the real thing than a picture of it’.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Tom is the speaker.

(b) Why does the speaker say so?

Answer: The speaker said so because there are soft witted fools who like to throw away three hundred pounds on a bit of paintwork.

(c) What did the listener say to counter the speaker?

Answer: The listener said they have not thrown their three hundred pounds because that painting would fetch four hundred pounds in a saleroom five or six years after.

So, these were The Bull Questions & Answers.

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