The Cactus Questions & Answers

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The Cactus Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Other flowers called the cactus ugly because

(a) it was green
(b) it had thorns
(c) it was big

2. People of Rimdim went to other places because of

(a) flood
(b) disease
(c) drought  

3. The cactus had _______ stored in its stems.

(a) food
(b) fertiliser
(c) water

4. The cactus was _________ at heart.

(a) soft and gentle
(b) hard and rude
(c) proud and arrogant

Question 2: Write True or False for the following statements:

(a) The cactus was a lonely figure in the garden – True
(b) All flowers liked the cactus – False
(c) The flowers wanted the gardener to uproot the cactus – True
(d) The flowers thanked the cactus for saving their lives – True

Question 3: Describe each of the following flowers in two words.


Rose – Regal, smartest
Daisy – Proud, bright
Sunflower – Arrogant, yellow

Question 4: Why did the flowers keep cribbing about the cactus?

Answer: The flowers kept cribbing about the cactus because they felt that the ugly cactus was spoiling the beauty of their part of the garden.

Question 5: How did the cactus help the other flowers during drought?

Answer: The cactus had plenty of water stored in its stems. During drought, as it saw the flowers wilting away, its tender heart melted. It offered them to drink water stored in its stems. That is how, it helped the other flowers during drought.

Question 6: Why did the gardener leave the city with a heavy heart?

Answer: Once, there was a severe drought in Rimdim and there was no water anywhere. The poor gardener would trudge for miles in search of water and return with a pot or two, which he would give to his flowers. Soon, even that stopped. The people of the kingdom started running away to other cities and the gardener too went away with a heavy heart.

Question 7: Why did the flowers hesitate to drink the water stored in the cactus’ stems?

Answer: The flowers hesitated to drink the water stored in the cactus’ stems because how could they accept a favour from a creature that they had always treated with nothing but contempt.

Question 8: What made the cactus happy in the end?

Answer: When cactus came forward to help the flowers during drought, the flowers felt ashamed of their rude behaviour towards it. They were grateful to the cactus for saving their lives. They told cactus that their beauty would vanish with time but cactus’ loveliness will always be there and that was the happiest moment of cactus’s life.

So, these were The Cactus Questions & Answers.

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