The Charge of the Light Brigade Stanza Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Charge of the Light Brigade Stanza Wise Summary.

Written by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the poem celebrates an act of bravery and sacrifice. It depicts the willingness of the cavalry to obey orders no matter the cost and to sacrifice themselves. This willingness is what makes them heroes thereby showing that heroism isn’t just about bravery but also about duty. Below is given its stanza wise summary. In my previous posts, I have also shared The Vagabond Stanza Wise Summary so, make sure to check that post as well.

The Charge of the Light Brigade Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 1

“Half a league……………………………….. the six hundred.”

The poem is starting with the words ‘half a league’ which is used thrice to symbolize the parade of the light brigade towards the enemy. Half a league is roughly a mile and a half because a league is equal to about 3 miles and is an old way to measure distance. The six hundred soldiers were commanded to march towards the enemy that was probably 1.5 miles ahead. They were marching into the valley of death which means that they were soon going to be killed. The commander commands the soldiers to take charge of their guns and attack their enemies.

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Stanza – 2

“Forward, the Light Brigade……………………… the six hundred.”

The commander gave the command to the soldiers to move forward and asked if any soldier was afraid or discouraged. The Light Brigade even though they knew that someone had blundered and the charge was a mistake but they were trained and disciplined to follow orders. They were not used to questioning the orders of their superiors but to do their duty and face death in the war.

Stanza – 3

“Cannon to right of……………………………… the six hundred.”

This stanza describes the scene where the soldiers are surrounded by enemy cannons on their left, right and front. There were huge walls of cannons all around them that were firing and making a sound like thunder. They were showered with artillery shells and gunshots but the six hundred soldiers rode boldly and well into the teeth of death and mouth of hell.

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The Charge of the Light Brigade Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 4

“Flashed all their sabres……………………Not the six hundred.”

The soldiers took out their swords and stabbed the enemy soldiers who were firing with guns. They charged an entire army and the whole world wondered at their sincerity and dedication. The cavalrymen passed through the dense smoke of shelling, crossed the borderline, fought and killed the enemies i.e. Russians and Cossack. The enemies were torn apart to death and the soldiers returned but according to the poet they were not six hundred as many of them died.

Stanza – 5

“Cannon to right…………………………………of six hundred.”

In this stanza, the poet has repeated the lines of stanza 3 however, this stanza also says that there were cannons behind the cavalrymen as well which means that they were returning back leaving the enemy behind. The heroes fought so well but many of them died and their horses were killed. They rode through the teeth of death and came back from the valley of death itself but a few remained to make the journey back. They were nor six hundred as many of them died.

Stanza – 6

“When can their glory……………………………….. Noble six hundred!”

The speaker calls to honor the six hundred men and asks the rhetorical question, “When can their glory fade and how their bravery can be forgotten?” They will always be remembered for marching boldly into a battle where many were sure to die. The whole world admired their courage and their glory is indeed undying. We must respect and honour the six hundred men of the Light Brigade.

So, this was The Charge of the Light Brigade Stanza Wise Summary.

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