The Dauntless Daughter of India Questions & Answers

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The Dauntless Daughter of India Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Paralysed – partly or wholly incapable of movement
  • Torso – the trunk of the human body
  • Feisty – determined and courageous
  • Inclusiveness – acceptance
  • Mainstream – normal and conventional
  • Paraplegics – people affected by paralysis of the lower body

Question 1: Write a note on Deepa’s school and college.

Answer: Deepa completed her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Fort William, Kolkata, where she was a school captain. She was graduated at Sophia College, Rajasthan.

Question 2: How did Deepa learn to cope with her condition?

Answer: In 1999, a post-surgery trauma left Deepa paralysed from the chest down. She lost her torso balance as well as bladder and bowel control. She decided to learn more about her condition by joining support groups and reading medical dictionaries online.

Question 3: Read these lines and answer the questions.

She felt that a lot had to be done to make India disabled-friendly since a sizable portion of its population is differently abled. Areas that particularly needed work were social acceptance, inclusion in mainstream society, better access to public spaces, and mobility.

(a) Who is ‘She’?

Answer: She is Deepa Malik.

(b) Why does she feel that certain ‘areas’ require work?

Answer: Deepa Malik feels that certain ‘areas’ require work because there are differently abled people in different places who do not have access to public spaces and mobility and were thus, set apart from active participation in society.

(c) What are some of the things that she feels must be done?

Answer: Deepa Malik feels that facilities should be provided to differently abled people to access public space on their own and actively participate in society.

Question 4: What alterations did Deepa make at home in order to manage household chores?

Answer: Deepa mastered the use of a wheelchair. At home, she used available technology to the fullest, arranging walkie-talkies across her home to supervise the household chores that she couldn’t do herself.

The Dauntless Daughter of India Questions & Answers

Question 5: What does Deepa wish to prove to the world? How does she spread her motto?

Answer: Deepa has taken upon herself the challenge of proving to the world that she is as ‘abled’ as any of us. She had decided to spread her life’s motto ‘ability beyond disability’ by becoming actively involved in social causes, talking to person with disabilities and holding motivational sessions to all in need of support and courage.

Question 6: Read these lines and answer the questions.

The journey of her life has not been easy but she has never let that slow her own. Even though she has faced discrimination from many quarters, she has never felt dejected. She has taken upon herself the challenge of proving to the world, that she is as ‘abled’ as any of us.

(a) Mention two reasons why Deepa’s life journey has not been easy?

Answer: Deepa was physically disabled, a spinal tumour left her paraplegics and confined to a wheelchair. She had to face discrimination from many sections of the society.

(b) How has Deepa been proving that she is as ‘abled’ as any of us?

Answer: Deepa has been proving that she is as ‘abled’ as any of us by facing challenges and thereby refusing to let her disability come in the way of her dreams.

(c) What lesson can we learn from her resilience?

Answer: The lesson that we can learn from her resilience is that physical limitations cannot deter a strong mind. Be positive, work hard and enjoy what you do.

Question 7: Name the significant car rallies in which Deepa has participated.

Answer: The Himalayan Motorsports Association (HMA) and the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India organized the Tour-de-Himalaya Car Rally in which Deepa participated and drove from New Delhi to Leh in Ladakh, a distance of 3000km and also from Chennai to New Delhi, distance of 3278 kilometer in 2013.

Question 8: Describe Deepa Malik in a few words.

Answer: Deepa Malik was a courageous, determined and grateful woman who has made India proud through the years. She was a good swimmer, an avid biker, an athlete, a motivational speaker and a high-altitude car rallyist. She started her journey in the field of sports when she was thirty-six years old and she is known as one of the top ten inspirational sports persons in India. She represented India at several sports meets; she also won 58 gold medals, five silver and three bronze medals in innumerable national level and state-level sporting events. She was awarded the Arjuna Award for sports in 2012 and was the first Indian to win silver in shot put at the Rio Paralympics, 2016.

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