The Dead Rat Questions & Answers

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The Dead Rat Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Vagabond – a person who has no home and usually no job, and who travels from a particular place
  • Abscond – escape; or to go away suddenly and secretly in order to escape from somewhere
  • Stroll – a slow relaxed walk
  • Generosity – the nature of giving money, time, gifts, kindness etc.
  • Eke out – earn
  • Menace – something that is likely to cause harm
  • Incessant – never stopping, especially in an annoying or unpleasant way

Question 1: What did the mother do to make Madananka normal and settled in life?

Answer: Madananka’s mother hoped that he would become normal and settle down if he was married, and so, she found a suitable girl for him and they got married.

Question 2: What kind of man was Yakshadatta?

Answer: Yakshadatta was a well-to-do merchant who used to lend money to the poor but capable persons. He was a kind and a generous man.

Question 3: What did Ratnanka do with the dead rat?

Answer: Ratnanka took the dead rat as a favour from Yakshadatta. He made a cup out of a leaf and placed the dead rat in that cup. He carried it through streets crying, “A rat for sale!” One merchant purchased that dead rat as a prey for his cat and gave him a handful of bengalgram.

Question 4: How did the firewood which Ratnanka had collected fetch him a hundred gold coins?

Answer: Ratnanka collected many cart-loads of fuel by offering woodcutters soaked bengalgrams. Fortunately, there were incessant rains for ten days and as a result there was a scarcity of firewood in the city. At that time, Ratnanka sold away all the firewood. That is how, the firewood which Ratnanka had collected fetched him a hundred gold coins.

Question 5: How did Ratnanka show his gratitude to Yakshadatta?

Answer: Ratnanka got a rat made of gold, weighing one kilo. Its eyes were made of rubies, ears of sapphires and it had a diamond chain round its neck. It was kept in a sliver trap and was carried in a procession with pomp. Ratnanka was leading the procession. He wanted to repay his debt to Yakshadatta in the shape of the golden rat. So, when he reached the residence of Yakshadatta, he asked him to accept the golden rat as a symbol of his gratitude.

Question 6: How did Ratnanka help the woodcutters?

Answer: Ratnanka offered each thirsty wood cutter some soaked bengalgram and cold water. The hungry and thirsty woodcutters were pleased with Ratnanka’s deed.

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