Bonsai Life Part – 1 Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Bonsai Life Part – 1 Questions & Answers.

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Bonsai Life Part – 1 Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Exhaustion – extreme tiredness
  • Vanish – disappear
  • Mutter – complain about something privately
  • Savour – taste
  • Elated – very happy, excited
  • Sumptuous – grand
  • Wretched – very unhappy, miserable
  • Uphill – difficult
  • Dignified – deserving respect

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The narrator receives letters very frequently – True
2. The letter brought the news of the narrator’s sister and brother-in-law’s arrival – True
3. The narrator’s husband was very happy to hear the news of the visitors – True
4. Akkayya was not interested to continue her studies – False
5. The narrator’s husband likes the traditional food of Andhra Pradesh – True

Question 2: “The moment I see letters can’t ……..contain my excitement” Why does the narrator get excited?

Answer: When the narrator gets the letters and reads them, she thinks that it is almost as if she is face to face with her near and dear ones and they are speaking affectionately to her. When she reads the letters the exhaustion of office work disappears and her heart grows light. The sight of letters gives her the energy and enthusiasm. So, the narrator gets excited whenever she receives letters.

Question 3: What change did the narrator observe in her father’s attitude towards education over a decade?

Answer: In the beginning, the narrator’s father felt that education for girls was of no use and it was enough if a girl was able to keep the washerman’s accounts. So, her father did not let Akkayya (narrator’s sister) study after class Five. A decade later, when the narrator was born, her father was convinced that girls needed higher education. So, he sent the narrator to a college.

Question 4: Why was Akkayya determined to send her daughter to college?

Answer: Akkayya did not have higher education, had no job and no financial independence. She very well knew how she had suffered. So, she didn’t like to keep a girl at home without educating her. She thought that a woman would come to nothing if she didn’t have a degree and would have to live under her husband’s thumb, like a scorpion under a slipper. So, she was determined to send her daughter to college.

Question 5: In what way is the narrator more fortunate than her sister?

Answer: The narrator is educated, employed, financially self-reliant and leads a dignified life whereas her sister is completely dependent on her husband. Thus, she is more fortunate than her sister.

Question 6: Can one be independent without a job or earning? Justify your answer.

Answer: I don’t think that one can be independent without a job or earning because he will be dependent on others for even a single thing. On the other hand, the person who earns doesn’t depend on others for his needs and he enjoys his freedom.

So, these were Bonsai Life Part – 1 Questions & Answers.

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