Bonsai Life Part – 2 Questions & Answers

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Bonsai Life Part – 2 Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Adept – a natural ability to do something skillfully
  • Drudgery – hard, boring work
  • Stunted – prevented from growth
  • Perplex – confuse
  • Canopy – a cover fixed over something for shelter
  • Squall – a strong wind
  • Rage – violent anger
  • Respite – a short period of rest
  • Nought – nothing / zero

Question 1: Complete the statements giving more than one reason.

1. Girls should be educated like boys because…

i. They can lead an independent life.
ii. They can add to the progress of the family.
iii. They can get an equal position in the society along with boys.
iv. They can learn to solve their problems skillfully.

2. Fully grown trees are more useful because…

i. They provide shade on a sunny day.
ii. They give us fruits and medicines.
iii. They give us wood for construction.

Question 2: Why was Akkayya perplexed?

Answer: Akkayya asked the narrator why she had planted the turayi and the pomegranate trees in the flowerpots. It was for the first time that Akkayya saw trees in pots and she felt sorry for them. She didn’t know they were bonsai trees. She asked Ammalu innocently that how these trees would grow in pots. After listening to Akkayya’s questions, the narrator burst into laughter. Akkayya did not understand why Ammalu laughed so, she was perplexed.

Question 3: How is a bonsai reared?

Answer: Bonsai is a Japanese art form for growing miniature trees grown in pots. The rearing of the bonsai starts with a specimen of source material. Bonsai incorporates a number of techniques such as – grafting, leaf trimming, punning the trunk, branches and roots, clamping, defoliation, etc. It requires special care. the following are the special care techniques:

  • Specialized soil composition and fertilization are needed.
  • Watering must be regular.
  • Re-potting must occur at regular intervals.

Question 4: What similarities do you notice between the bonsai tree and the housewife?

Answer: Both bonsai and housewife are delicate and are not allowed to grow to their full potential. A bonsai tree is limited to a pot, similarly, a housewife is confined to her home. The bonsai tree cannot withstand a small dust storm similarly, the housewife has to depend on someone for the things she needs. Thus, the writer says the housewives lead bonsai life.

Question 5: What made the narrator feel the urge to free the bonsai?

Answer: When Akkayya explained to the narrator that the bonsai’s life is like that of a woman’s life who is not independent, her heart was touched. These words made the narrator feel the urge to free the Bonsai just as one frees a bird from a cage to let it fly.

Question 6: What is the central theme of ‘Bonsai Life’?

Answer: The central theme of ‘Bonsai Life’ is about a woman’s independence and self-reliance.Women should be well educated and should be able to stand on their own feet. They should know how to take care of themselves and shouldn’t depend on others for everything.

Question 7: Choose the most appropriate meaning for the phrases given below.

1. ‘… to keep the washerman’s account’ means

(a) to take care of household work.
(b) to count clothes,
(c) to maintain the washerman’s account.

2. ‘… uphill task’ means

(a) high quality work.
(b) a difficult job.
(c) working on a hill.

3. ‘… grass is greener on the other side’ means

(a) the grass on this side is green.
(b) others are as good as we are.
(c) others are in a better position than us.

4. ‘… like a scorpion under a slipper’ means

(a) killing a scorpion with a slipper.
(b) being guided and controlled.
(c) feeling totally suppressed.

So, these were Bonsai Life Part – 2 Questions & Answers.

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