The Drone Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Drone Questions & Answers.

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The Drone Questions & Answers

Question 1: How is Wasif’s Dad clever?

Answer: Wasif’s Dad is clever because he makes lots of useful things in his workshop.

Question 2: What did Dad make?

Answer: Dad made a drone.

Question 3: How did Dad make the drone come back?

Answer: Dad made the drone come back by pressing number ‘6’ on the cell phone.

Question 4: What did Wasif shout? Why?

Answer: Wasif shouted, ‘Stop!’ because he saw Sheba, his cat.

Question 5: Where was Sheba?

Answer: Sheba was stuck in a tree.

Question 6: What did Wasif think of the drone?

Answer: Wasif thought that the drone was a great machine.

Question 7: What can a drone do?

Answer: A drone can fly, can take photos and can take a video as well.

Question 8: What was used to control the drone?

Answer: Cell phone was used to control the drone.

Question 9: How did the drone go up in the air?

Answer: Dad pressed some numbers of the phone. The drone buzzed and went up into the air.

Question 10: Why did Wasif clap and shout?

Answer: Wasif clapped and shouted because he could see the street, the trees, and all the roofs.

Question 11: What did Dad do for Sheba?

Answer: Using a tall ladder, Dad climbed up the tree where Sheba was stuck and got her down.

Question 12: What function did the drone perform when the following numbers are pressed:

1 – Up
2 – Down
3 – Left
4 – Right
5 – Forward
6 – Back

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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