The Feathered Weavers Questions & Answers

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The Feathered Weavers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which words in the article mean:

(a) Study of birds – Ornithology
(b) Related to genetics and heredity – Genetic
(c) Natural or existing from birth – Inborn

Question 2: Why did scientists choose to study Southern Masked Weaver birds?

Answer: Scientists chose to study Southern Masked Weaver birds because these birds build multiple nests out of grass during the breeding season. Researchers chose the colourful African bird because they build complex nests, which is potentially a sign of intelligence.

Question 3: Do all Weaver birds build the same kind of nest in the same way? If not then what do they do differently?

Answer: Weaver birds varied their technique from one nest to the next. Some birds build their nests from left to right, and others from right to left. As the birds gained more experience in building nests, they dropped blades of grass less often, so they could build the nest in shorter time.

Question 4: What does this behaviour tell the scientists?

Answer: The fact that the same bird builds different kinds of nests, using different approaches, suggested to the scientists that birds learn nest-building through experience.

Question 5: With what has the birds’ ability to make nests been compared? What do you think about this comparison?

Answer: The birds’ ability to make nests has been compared with the inborn ability of humans to use their hands.

Question 6: What does the author mean by ‘Even for birds, practice makes perfect’?

Answer: By the line ‘Even for birds, practice makes perfect’, the author suggests humour.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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