To Blossoms Questions & Answers

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To Blossoms Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which words in the poem mean:

(a) You – ye
(b) It was – ‘twas
(c) Never – ne’er

Question 2: Give the meaning of the following words as used in the poem:

(a) Blush – develop a pink tinge from embarrassment
(b) Delight – great pleasure
(c) Worth – value
(d) Glide – pass gently and change gradually

Question 3: Who does the poet refer to as ‘fair pledges of a fruitful tree’?

(a) the fruits of the tree
(b) the blossoms of the tree
(c) the leaves of the tree

Question 4: How does the poet create a mental picture of the flowers and their short life in the first stanza?

Answer: In the first stanza, the imagery is that of newly blossomed flowers blushing and smiling gently and after staying for a while, falling away.

Question 5: How does the poet convey the idea that the life span of these blossoms is very short in the second stanza?

Answer: In the second stanza, the poet conveys the idea that the life span of these blossoms is very short by saying that they were born to spread joy in this world for an hour or half and then bid goodbye.

Question 6: Why does the poet feel sad when he looks at the flowers falling from the tree?

Answer: The poet feels sad at the short lifespan of a beautiful flower. He feels pity that Nature brings such beautiful things to show their worth and soon takes them away.

Question 7: What lesson does Nature teach us by portraying the short life of the beautiful blossoms?

Answer: The Nature teaches us a valuable lesson that everything on the earth has an end ultimately. Death is inevitable and common to all. We should realise how soon things come to an end like the flowers, however splendid they might be.

Question 8: Give two examples of alliteration from the poem.

Answer: The two examples of alliteration from the poem are:

  • Fair pledges of a fruitful tree.
  • An hour or half’s delight.

Question 9: Mention any three adjectives used in the poem.

Answer: The three adjectives used in the poem are – fair, fruitful and lovely.

Question 10: Write a few pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Fast-past, delight-night, brave-grave and pride-glide.

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