The First Tremors Questions & Answers

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The First Tremors Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Every time there was an emergency, Grandfather happened to be

(a) singing in the garden.
(b) taking a bath.
(c) sleeping in his room.

2. While trimming the bushes, Grandmother paused and noticed that

(a) the goat was nibbling at the geraniums.
(b) the dog began yapping.
(c) all the birds suddenly became silent.

3. The house swayed in front of Grandmother

(a) because it was very old.
(b) due to an earthquake.
(c) as she was feeling dizzy.

Question 2: How did the animals react to the approaching earthquake?

Answer: At first, the birds in the trees and in the henhouse went silent. The goat stopped nibbling at the geraniums and the dog too sat down quietly, ears back and head between his paws.

The moment the grandmother started wondering what was wrong, the hens started cackling, the dogs started barking and the birds started shrieking and flapping their wings. The crows began wheeling wildly overhead and cawed loudly and the chickens flapped around in circles. The cats suddenly jumped off the wall and disappeared in opposite directions.

Question 3: What was Mumtaz doing when the first tremors were felt?

Answer: When the first tremors were felt, Mumtaz was trying to catch plates, glasses and dishes in the kitchen as they sprang madly from the shelves.

Question 4: Was Dolly afraid of the tremors? Why?

Answer: No, Dolly was not afraid of the tremors. She could not understand why the house was shaking. She assumed that houses shook sometimes.

Question 5: Write words to describe Grandfather and Grandmother.


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