The Flying Machine Questions & Answers

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The Flying Machine Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rig – an instrument
  • Keel – the base
  • Alit – to come down from something
  • Rustle – rubbing sound, soft or dry sound
  • Miniature – small 
  • Wound – tightening the main spring with a key
  • Apparatus – device
  • Excellency – Majesty
  • Bewildered – dumb founded, confused
  • Whirred – flurry (moving with sound)
  • Inventor – one who invents
  • Executioner – hangman
  • Sighed – grieved
  • Whirled – (here) rotated
  • Dominion – kingdom
  • Scarlet – bright red 

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The Emperor’s servant saw a man flying in air.
2. The flying man alit with a rustle of paper and a creak of bamboo reeds.
3. The Emperor’s machine was a garden of metal and jewels.
4. The executioner whirled his silver axe.
5. The flying machine was built of paper and reeds.

Question 2: Tick the correct option:

1. What miracle did the Emperor’s servant see?

a. A man ploughing the field
b. A man flying in the sky
c. A man constructing a house 

2. What did the Emperor do with the inventor of the flying machine?

a. Executed him
b. Rewarded him
c. Did nothing 

3. What was the Emperor’s own creation?

a. A flying machine
b. The Great Wall of China
c. A garden of metals and jewels

4. What did the Emperor tell his hand-servant?

a. “Hold your tongue. It was all a dream, a most sorrowful and beautiful dream.”
b. “What have you done?
c. “I know it must be true. For I felt my heart move with you in the air.” 

5. What did the guards do beyond the garden wall?

a. Burn the beautiful machine of paper and reeds.
b. Fly the beautiful machine of paper and reeds.
c. Preserve the beautiful machine of paper and reeds.

Question 3: What miracle did the servant see?

Answer: The miracle that the servant saw was that a man was flying in air with wings.

Question 4: Whom did he tell about the miracle?

Answer: He told Emperor Yuan about the miracle.

Question 5: What happened to the flier and the flying machine?

Answer: The flier was executed and the flying machine was burnt.

So, these were The Flying Machine Questions & Answers.

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