The Golden Crab Questions & Answers

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The Golden Crab Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the fisherman become fond of the Crab?

Answer: The fisherman became fond of the crab because every time he served the golden crab food, it left gold coins on the plate after it had finished eating.

Question 2: Summarize all the challenges that the king set for the Crab.

Answer: The king set two challenges for the crab. The first challenge was to build a wall that was taller than his tower, in front of his castle. The wall also needed to have blooming flowers from all over the world atop it. The second challenge was to create a garden in front of the king’s palace, which had three fountains. One fountain spraying gold, another diamonds, and the third one brilliants.

Question 3: Why do you think the king set up these challenges for the Crab? Were the challenges fair in your opinion?

Answer: I think the king set up these challenges because he wanted the prince to reveal himself through the challenges. These challenges were fair because if the crab was an enchanted prince, he could perform these easily.

Question 4: What would have happened had the Princess not revealed the Crab’s identity?

Answer: If the Princess had not revealed the identity of the Crab, they might have continued to live peacefully. However, the King would want the Princess to marry a human prince. He would have grown more curious about the Crab and create more challenges for him.

Question 5: Did the princess’s mother do the right thing by throwing the crab-shell into the fire? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I do not think that the Queen did the right thing because she did not know the complete truth about the Crab. She threw the shell into the fire out of anger and not because she cared about her daughter’s happiness. Because of her actions, the Prince disappeared which caused great grief to the Princess.

Question 6: Had you been in the Crab’s place, would you have forgiven the Princess and her mother after what they did to your shell? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, I would have forgiven the Princess and her mother because of my love for the Princess. The Princess had made a mistake by telling the Queen about my true identity, and had not meant to put me through trouble. The Princess and Queen had been through a lot of pain and things had turned out well in the end.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. They suspected some secret, but though they spied and spied, they could not discover it.

(a) Who are ‘they’?

Answer: ‘They’ refers to the Princess’ royal family.

(b) What is the secret that they cannot discover?

Answer: The secret that they fail to discover is that the Golden Crab is actually a prince.

(c) What do you think about their spying? Is it right or wrong?

Answer: Their spying on the princess is wrong.

2. Does not even that prince please you, you fool.

(a) Who is speaking to whom, and when?

Answer: The Queen asks this of her daughter, the Princess, when the handsome Prince throws her a golden apple during the second tournament.

(b) Why is the speaker angry?

Answer: The speaker is angry because she is desperate for her daughter to have a real prince for a husband and not a crab.

(c) What does the speaker discover and do after this?

Answer: The speaker discovers that the prince who threw the apple was the Golden Crab and she throws the Crab’s golden shell into a fire.

Question 8: Explain the idioms:

(a) Come out of her shell – was more socially interactive and less shy.
(b) Spread his wings – realise his ambitions in life.
(c) Lets the cat out of the bag – reveals something that is supposed to be a secret.
(d) A fish out of water – out of place in a certain environment or around certain people.

So, these were The Golden Crab Questions & Answers.

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