The Grey Cub Questions & Answers

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The Grey Cub Questions & Answers

  • Famine – scarcity of food
  • Snuggle – lie down close to someone for comfort
  • Panic – gave out a sharp cry
  • Ferocious – fierce and violent
  • Whimpered – cried with soft sounds
  • Weasel – a small, slender carnivorous animal
  • Bounding – leaping forward

Question 1: How was the grey cub different from his brothers and sisters?

Answer: The grey cub was different from his brothers and sisters as they had reddish-brown hair and he was the only one little grey cub of the litter. Moreover, his eyes were still closed.

Question 2: How did the mother look after the cubs?

Answer: The mother wolf looked after the cubs by, feeding, caring and not allowing them to go to the mouth of the cave.

Question 3: What did the cub see when he stepped out of the cave?

Answer: When the cub stepped out of the cave, he saw trees, a stream, a mountain and a faraway sky.

Question 4: What frightened the grey cub?

Answer: The cub saw a squirrel come running up to him and that gave him a great fright but the squirrel was badly frightened too.

The Grey Cub Questions & Answers

Question 5: How had the grey cub’s adventure been?

Answer: The grey cub’s adventure was a dangerous one as he faced many problems and was also attacked and bitten by a weasel.

Question 6: How did the grey cub know his mother long before his eyes opened?

Answer: The grey cub knew his mother long before his eyes opened as she was the source of warmth, liquid, food and love.

Question 7: Why was the grey cub’s world ‘gloomy and small’?

Answer: The grey cub’s world was ‘gloomy and small’ because he could not go beyond the walls of the cave into the wild.

Question 8: What characteristics of the grey cub are similar to human children?

Answer: The grey cub is curious and naughty like most children and gets easily scared in difficult circumstances.

Question 9: Describe the cub’s adventure before meeting the weasel.

Answer: The cub’s adventure before the weasel was, the cub first came rolling down from the cave, then met a squirrel, saw the grass, trees, a mountain and a stream and also survived from drowning in the stream.

So, these were The Grey Cub Questions & Answers.

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