The History of Ice Cream Questions & Answers

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The History of Ice Cream Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scream – to cry loudly
  • Delicacy – special food
  • Variation – a slight difference
  • Exclusive – for special people
  • Luxury – a special comfort
  • Elite – a group of rich people
  • Dessert – sweet dish

Question 1: When and where was the first ice-cream made?

Answer: The first ice-cream was made in second century BC in China.

Question 2: What are the variations of ice cream in different countries?

Answer: Variations of ice-cream in different countries are Mochi in Japan, Kulfi in India, Gelato in Italy, Dondurma in Turkey, Halva in Israel, Faloodeh in Iran and Spaghetti in Germany.

Question 3: How did the people of China enjoy their ice-cream?

Answer: The people of China enjoyed their ice-cream by mixing and freezing the rice and milk in a packed container with snow.

Question 4: What did the Mughal Emperors do to get ice?

Answer: The Mughal Emperors used to send horsemen to Hindukush Mountains to get ice.

Question 5: What did Alexander mix with ice-cream?

Answer: Alexander mixed honey or wine with ice cream.

Question 6: How did the world of ice-cream change forever?

Answer: The world of ice-cream changed forever when Jacob Fussell opened an ice-cream manufacturing factory in 1851, and produced ice-cream on a large scale.

Question 7: How did ice-cream become a public treat?

Answer: Ice-cream became a public treat with advanced technology of equipments and new methods of freezing process.

Question 8: Answer in one word:

(a) What is an Italian ice cream called?

Answer: Gelato.

(b) Who brought the recipe of ice cream from China to Italy?

Answer: Marco Polo.

(c) Which café in France served ice cream to the general public.

Answer: Café Procope.

(d) When did the first ice-cream factory open?

Answer: In 1851.

(e) Where was the first ice-cream factory set up in India?

Answer: Mumbai.

(f) Who is called the “Father of the Ice-cream Industry”?

Answer: Jacob Fussell.

So, these were The History of Ice Cream Questions & Answers.

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