The Hornbill Festival Questions & Answers

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The Hornbill Festival Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scenic – relating to view beautiful natural scenery.
  • Custom – a traditional and widely accepted way of doing/behaving something; A thing that someone does habitually.
  • Dormitories – a large bedroom for a number of people in a school/institution.  
  • Recognized – to know someone/ something as you have heard, seen or experience it before.
  • Culture – the ideas or beliefs of a particular society/community (art, literature, music etc.).
  • Delicacies – something delightful and pleasing, especially a choice of food which is rare and costly.
  • Architecture – style in which a building is designed/constructed (with regard to certain period/place)
  • Carving – to shape something by cutting wood or stone; to make a pattern on something.
  • Cuisine – style or method of cooking
  • Sculpture – art of making figures/objects from stone, wood clay, etc.
  • Headgears – hat or any other covering worn on head for various purposes.
  • Concert – a performance of music.
  • Bustles – to move in a busy
  • Showcase – exhibit; display.
  • Indulge – do something for pleasure.

Question 1: How does the hornbill represent the Naga warrior tradition?

Answer: The great Indian hornbill, a large and colourful bird is considered a symbol of bravery in the folk culture of most Naga tribes. Its cry, which sounds like a roar, suggests strength and courage. For these reasons, the hornbill represents the Naga warrior tradition.

Question 2: Give a brief about the Naga Heritage Village.

Answer: The Naga Heritage Village is at the heart of the festivities. Built close to Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, it includes a cluster of sixteen tribes of Nagaland. Each of these spaces reflects the architecture, design and colours of its tribe.

Question 3: What are the main attractions of the Hornbill Festival?

Answer: The main attractions of the Hornbill Festival are the Naga Heritage Village and the Kohima Night Bazaar.

Question 4: How does…………………….together?

Answer: All the tribes of Nagaland can be seen on the streets in Kohima Night Bazaar, enjoying together. Also, the music concerts attract the crowd. The performances, ceremonies and the exhibition of handicrafts, wood carving, painting etc. plays a vital (important) role in bringing them together, ignoring all the differences.

Question 5: What is the Kohima Night bazaar?

Answer: The Kohima Night Bazaar, where the town bustles with energy as the sun gets down. The streets are lined with stalls of food, games and handicrafts. Locals and visitors indulge in special delicacies and shop till the early hours of the morning. Walking through the crowded, busy streets in this festive environment is one of the main charms of the Hornbill Festival.

So, these were The Hornbill Festival Questions & Answers.

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